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Cleanroom clean foam bud

Material: Foam + Polypropylene
Size: S, L or as requested
Length: 101MM, 162MM

  • blue, green
  • length 17±0.1MM
  • thickness 3MM/2MM
  • density 100PPI
  • 100 grades


Sponge cleanroom swab are equipped with superior quality and cleanliness, is commonly used to wipe for workshop, and used in hard disk drive equipment, optical instruments, medical equipment or vacuum equipment of the production line. Sponge cleanroom swab of head have elaborate design, easily wipe particles and particlesunder without leaving any traces. To ensure not to drop slag after unique thermal bonding technology and cleanliness of processing. Swab of handle has applied for patent of natural polyester materials, providing clean protection Under the premise that does not produce particulate pollutants in the cleanroom.


  • Compression of 100 PPI hole structure 

    Do not contain silicone oil, amino compounds and acid dioctyl ester

    Low non-volatile residues

    Can be used to clean small slot and gully area

    friction generated small particles


    Compression molding of polyester cotton stalk

    Swab head compression molding

    Good water imbibition and solution adsorption capacity

    No adhesive pollution

    No pollution coating

    Permanently protect clean

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