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How To Remove Bandage Adhesive From Skin

If you have ever used a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSAs) like wound dressings, plastic bandages, or medical tape, you know how difficult it is to remove them from fragile skin or sites of frequent reapplication. For some patients who have extremely sensitive skin, removing bandages can cause injury, blisters, skin tearing, or bleeding. A lot of patients feel anxious whenever it’s time to change the bandage or a catheter because they feel pain whenever the adhesive gets removed without the use of an adhesive remover. Today we bring you a solution to this problem.


1. Soak a cotton ball in baby oil.

2. Use fragrance-free soap to wash the area. Clean the wound with antibacterial soap, pat it dry with a clean towel.

3. Use a paper towel dipped in some alcohol (preferably with denatured alcohol) to wipe it clean.

4. Use acetone. Dab some with a paper towel, using a small amount and thoroughly.

5. Wipe with nail polish remover.

6. Use hand cream. First tear off the printed product on the surface, then squeeze some hand cream on it, and slowly rub it with your thumb, rubbing for a while to remove all the sticky glue. Hand creams are oils and fats whose properties are incompatible with glues.

7. Use banana water. It is an industrial agent used to remove paint in the same way as alcohol acetone. After the tape sticks to the skin, you can soak the skin with some warm boiled water, wait until the glue softens and then tear it off. But don't use too much force, as this may damage the skin.

8. Wet the bandage with salad oil, and after half an hour, gently untie it from one end of the bandage to the other, the bandage can be easily separated from the body, and the bandage can be easily removed without pain.

When you know how to remove adhesive from skin, you can easily get the stubborn adhesive off your skin. 

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