3D Protective KF94 Shape Face Dust Mask Individually Wrapped For Adult

Material: 4ply: SBPP + MB+MB + SBPP
Style: ear-loop

  • Brand: WELLMIEN
  • Code: 63079000
  • MOQ:10,000pcs
  • Production Time:25 to 35 days

Product Name: 3D Protective KF94 Shape  Face Dust Mask Individually Wrapped For Adult 

Nose clip
Double wire
Blue or as requested

About this KF94 Shape Mask

【Individually Wrapped】Each KF94 face mask is individually sealed, easy to carry and share. Ultra-soft and comfortable, the colorful KF94 face masks come in different colors

【4-Ply Protective Design】Four layers of protective filtration which includes 2 non-woven outer Layers, 2 melt-blown inner filters, making these face masks with a light design and ensuring the safety of users. Protect you against Haze, Dust, Carbinol, Pollen, Exhaust and etc.

【3D Mask & Carefree Breathing】3D structure of KF94 mask 3-fold folding design, adjustable nose bridge, and side flaps to fits your face better. And provide sufficient breathing space between the nose and mouth and the inside of the mask, letting your feel free and comfortable breathing even working.

【Super humanized design】 The innermost layer is a skin-friendly non-woven fabric, which is light and breathable, reducing skin irritation. Comfortable and soft elastic earloop, eliminate pressure to the ears. Firm reinforced seams make the KF94 masks not easy to break up.

【Daily Using Mask for Adults】 All well-selected materials and components bring you and your family high-quality products you can trust. Men and Women can wear these disposable face masks every day for daily travel, working, office, food service, church, schools, indoors, and outdoors. Simple but not monotonous.

KF94 Mask Detailed Description

MASK KF94.jpg

kf94 face mask.jpg


KF94 Shape Mask Component Detail

face mask kf94.jpg

Upgraded Stretchy Ear Band

Made of comfortable and durable elastic material, 

our KF94 face mask for women and men can effectively eliminate pressure on the ears.

Reinforced seams

The mask seams are strengthened and stable to ensure 

that the ear loops are stable and not easy to damage.

dust mask kf94.jpg
disposable mask kf94.jpg

Adjustable Nose Shape

Soft and adjustable nose piece flexible adjustment 

to ensure that it can fully fit and cover your face.

Full coverage

The KF94 mask adopts a three-fold design with a 3D structure, 

which minimizes the direct contact between the mask and the 

lips while ensuring that it fits the face.

kf94 nonwoven mask.jpg

KF94 dust mask.jpg

About  Color For KF94 Shape Maks

We have many different colors and can also be customized according to customer color card requirements.

Both single and mixed colors can be customized.

KF94 disposable mask.jpg


1. Do not place any cover under the mask. 

2. When damaged, soiled, or polluted inside, stop the use and dispose. 

3. Do not wash. 

4. Do not give any variation to the mask. 

5. Do not touch the outer surface once you wear it. 

6. If you are having problems breathing using the mask, talk to doctors and experts before further use. 

7. Do not use In a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. 

8. Do not use in presence of a high-intensity heat source of flammable gas. 


  1. Q: What is your Component of the KF94 shape Mask?

    A:  4ply nonwoven + earloop + Nose Clip.

  2. Q: Any color option for KF94 Mask?

    A: Yes,  We have many different colors and can also be customized according to customer color card requirements.

  3. Q: How many layers are the KF94 Shape mask made of? 

    A: 4 layers. The outer two-layer is non-woven fabric, the middle is Water column filter paper layers, and the inner layer is also a non-woven fabric layer, but the inner layer is super soft and comfortable to wear.

  4. Q: Please tell me what the dimensions of the mask are? just mask, not the packaging.

    A: The colorful masks for women and men size at 210mm * 80mm.

  5. Q: Are the ear loops adjustable?

    A: Earloops are not adjustable but they are a soft material and very comfortable.

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    E-mail: sales@wellmien.com


FFP2 mask.jpg
surgical mask.jpg

FFP2 Mask

Best service

Can be customized color and customized logo printing 

according to customer requirements.

MOQ: 5000 PCS

Surgical Mask

Best service

Different colors of masks can be mixed and packaged.


Single color: 50000 PCS ( Standard packaging)

Customized: 200000 PCS ( Packing also as customized )

We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 face masks and other medical supplies.We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times.

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