Aluminum Food Containers - Aviation Microwave Food Pans


Material: Aluminum Foil

Thickness: 0.03mm-0.2mm

Capacity: 100ml~1200ml

Size: 155*185*92*50cm or as customized

Lid: Cardboard/Plastic/ Aluminum Foil Lid

Style: Pan or as Customized

Disposable Half Size Steam Table Deep Aviation Catering Food Baking Aluminum Foil Food Pans Microwave Heavy Duty Tin Foil Containers Tray Plate

Baking. Kitchen. Restaurant
Food, Food Packing, Food Storage, Takeout, Baking, BBQ
Product name
Aluminum Foil Pans
Eco-Friendly Food Grade
700ml or  as customized
Aluminum Foil Lid/Cardboard Lid/Clear Plastic Lid

Food packaging aluminum foil containers detail features are as below:

1. Various dimensions available, we also supply OEM service
2. Thickness: Can be customized
3. Shape: Rectangle, round shrink wrap, etc.
4. Packing: Recycle paper packing, OPP plastic packing, etc.
5. Material: Foodgrade, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, and recyclable
6. High-temperature sterilization for food container
7. We can also make the molds per our customer's requirements.

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Keeps the heat

These disposable aluminum foil pans are 

perfect for baking brownies, lasagnas, cookies,

casseroles, and cakes in the soaring high 

temperatures of your oven.

Lightweight and Durable Structure

Made of thick aluminum foil with a high side 

walls which prevent the food from spilling over

Reuse and Recycle

Reuse and recycle it multiple times. Contribute

towards saving Mother Earth by rinsing it with

water for the next round of usage

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