Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager Cheap Wholesale

Feature:Wireless with battery
Application:Home use, personal use

  • Model: WM-401

Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager Cheap Wholesale

Cheap Wholesale Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager

Product Description

Cheap Wholesale Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager

Product Details

TypeBody MassagerPrograms6
FunctionSlimming & FittingApplicationHome use, personal use
FeatureWireless with batteryCertificationCE, FCC,ISO13485,ROHS
Warranty1 yearOEMYES
Strength level adjustment

10 sections

Frequency range5-100HZ
New material

Soft silicone padding, Self-adhesive gel pad

DescriptionThe Device can make your prolapsed muscle back to the compact and natural state. It's easy to use, It's portable so that you can rebuild and exercise your muscle when reading, resting and walking.
It can enhance the intensity of the muscle for 1000times within 25minutes
it's suggested to exercise your body 25 minutes every day


1. High-tech unit with a wireless and 360 degree controller without obstacle.

2. High sensitivity intelligent clip to ensure sensitive and reliable wireless receiving

3. Easy operation and convenient using method.

4. Replaceable large gel pad which massage large area.

How to use it:

1. Open main device and remote control battery cover
2. Insert battery to the main device and remote control. Close the battery cover. Ensuring that the positive + polarity of each    battery is facing upward and are correctly inserted as per internal marking.
3. Put the main device on the electrode pad.

4. Tear off electrodes pad affixed to the body

5. Press On button of the main device.

6. press increase the strength to start exercise.

 Cheap Wholesale Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager

Cheap Wholesale Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager


Cheap Wholesale Wireless EMS TENS Body Massager

Warning & Precautions:

Please read all of the instruction prior to first uselevel,adjust the level as desired.

1. Must not be used if you have a heart pacemaker.

2. If you have a history of hear disease, then you should contact your GP/doctor before use.

3. Do not use it during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

4. You should also seek medical device prior to using it. If you have the following conditions: epilepsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders or postoperative recovery5. Removing the product from your body.

5. Do not position the pad at the following location: ear the eyes, across the front of the throat( carotid sinus).

6. Do not use it while driving or operating hazardous equipment.

7. Should any irritation occur on or around the pad placement sites, discontinue use and contact your GP/doctor.

8. Do not use simultaneously in combination while other massage units or ointments. Including the spry types. Etc.

9. Do not use simultaneously with any high frequency surgical equipment.

10. Do not use near any microwave equipment.

11. Keep out of reach of children.

12. Dispose of used batteries properly.


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