Children Cartoon Clip Tourniquet With Buckle


Material:ABS + Elastic strap

Color: Cartoon, as customized

Printing: on the clip, on the buckle

Sizes: 350*25cm

Children's cartoon clip tourniquet

Buckle Tourniquet, Blood Collection Snap-on Tourniquet, Clip-on Tourniquet, Quick Release Buckle Tourniquet

How to use:

1. Quickly remove the tourniquet and turn it on with one key

2. Insert the clip into the buckle box to form a loop

3. Pull the handle to stretch the elastic bandage into place.

4. Click the button after use, the button will pop up automatically, which is convenient and quick


1. Disposable, environmentally friendly

2. High elasticity - retains memory even after repeated stretching

3. Convenient---Easy to apply and remove, non-slip textured surface

4. New design - reduces infection between patients

5. Textured appearance, non-slip

6. Safer - avoid infection during blood collection and injection

7. Continuous drawing, do whatever you want, very fast and convenient

8. Patient/Physician Comfort and Safety

9. TPE latex-free environmental protection material

Material: ABS + Latex Free Elastic

Color: as customized

Printing: Customized logo on clip or strap

Size: 350*25cm suitable for children

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