CPR Emergency Mask-First Aid Face Mask


Material: PVC/PE/EVA

Color: Transparent

Size: 20*20cm

Style: One-Valve

Certification: CE/ISO13485

  • Brand: WM
  • Standard:ISO13485, CE, FDA
  • Production Capacity:1, 000, 000 Pieces Per Month
  • Style:One-valve
  • Material:EVA
  • Name:CPR First Aid Face Mask

Single-Use Disposable Medical CPR Mouth To Mouth Face Shield Mask

 Bag Size    3.5*3.5 cm
   Packing   1pc/bag
   Nylon bag + PEVA CPR masK
   Color    Multi-Color Available 
First  aid mouth-to-mouth breathing

1. Keeps the face and mouth away from contact with the victim's breath and body fluids.
2. Reduces the risk of contamination.
3. Makes the rescue process safe and in a sanitary way.
4. For single use.
5. With small size and convenient for carrying.
6. Semi-transparent face shield allows visualization of patient's lips, mouth, and nose while protecting rescuer. 

7. User-friendly design protects the rescuer and helps eliminate hesitation when performing CPR.

Detail Pictures:

cpr mask.jpg

one way mask.jpg

first aid mask.jpgkey cpr mask.jpgcpr face mask.jpg

How To Usage

First Aid Situations: 

This Emergency CPR Barrier Kit is specially designed for emergencies and will help you effectively respond to any type of respiratory emergency and provide the necessary assistance to help save lives in time.

emergency CPR mask.jpg

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