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MOQ: 10000PCS

Material: Nonwoven

Color: White, black, Red

Size: 100X150cm

Shape: Elongated

Disposable Nonwoven Kimono Bathrobe  



Nonwoven ( soft fabric )
ColorWhite, black, Red
Sleeve Size35cm

Kimono-Style Fit with V-Neck Top


Quick Self-Tie Belt

Absorbent with No Transparency

Unisex Fit for Men and Women

About Disposable Kimono

A disposable kimono is a type of clothing item that is intended for single use only. It is typically made from lightweight and inexpensive materials such as non-woven fabrics, paper, or synthetic fabrics.

Disposable kimonos are designed to be easy to put on and take off, and they come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. They often feature an open front, wide sleeves, and a loose-fitting design to provide comfort and ease of movement. Some disposable kimonos also have a belt or ties at the waist to adjust the fit and keep the kimono securely in place.

These kimonos are commonly used in hospitality industries such as spas, hotels, and salons as a hygienic and convenient option for guests. They can be used to cover clothing during massages, beauty treatments, or other activities where it is desirable to protect clothing from stains, spills, or other damage.

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This disposable bathrobe serves a variety of purposes, such as for tanning beds, spa and salon treatments, skincare sessions, and even cryotherapy. It is suitable for both men and women and provides a comfortable fit with ample coverage.

The bathrobe features a quick-tie front belt that allows for added personal comfort and protection while walking around. The fabric is made of high-quality, soft, and breathable material that is gentle on sensitive skin. Additionally, it is thick enough to ensure discretion and prevent it from being see-through.

This unisex bathrobe has a comfortable kimono-style fit, resembling a short kimono with a V-neck design. 

To prioritize customer safety and adhere to salon regulations, the bathrobes are individually wrapped in black, making them a convenient and practical choice. By doing so, you can help your customers stay safe and minimize laundry duties.

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