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Material: Non-woven fabric, tissue paper, SAP, Fluff PE film

Size:40"X72" 27"X67" or as request

OEM: available

Underpad Disposable Hospital Absorbency Incontinence Underpads

Description:  MOQ:35000PCS

1. Top-sheet: Offers quilted blanket-like softness.
2. PE carton film: Cute cartoon patterns make diapers full of fun.
3. Super absorbent: Condense all moisture instantly to keep dry and fresh.
4. Leakage proof: It is better to prevent it from flowing back.
5. Wet indicator: Remind mother to change the diaper in time.

6. OEM is available.

Pad size75X90cm75X90cm40X72"
Inner absorbent part size65X78cm65X78cm27X67"
Total weight per piece115g
Top layer20gsm20gsm20gsm
Breathable PE18gsm21gsm18gsm
Back layer 62gsm65gsm72gsm
Amount of SAP20g22g20g
Amount of fluff pulp25.3g46.3g73.6g
Absorption speed15.9s13.8s16.7s
Re-wet volume0.72g0.42g10.8g
Absorption capacity
Poly colorWhite/blue/green
Back sheet weight claim375lbs
Packing10pcs/bag, 10bags/case
5pcs/bag, 6bags/case
10pcs/bag, 10bags/case
Carton size53X31X45cm53X31X52cm50X35X31cm

underpad size.jpg

About Underpads
Premium Bed Protection - These thick incontinence pads help cover sheets and waste for men, women, teens, or seniors with uncontrollable bladder or urinary problems to improve confidence and sleep.

Super Absorbent Fleece Fill Layer - The lining is designed with a decorative polymer layer to help absorb liquids, urine, or accidents faster, locking it in to help control odor and dryness.

Multi-purpose support - Our incontinence pads are not only suitable for immature children or advanced boarding care cases, but they can also be used by pet owners who want to help home or litter train immature puppies or support advanced retrievers.

Avoid Messy Dead Pools or Annoyances - Incontinence mattresses are designed to absorb fluids quickly and safely, great for reducing skin problems and preventing mites from tracking urine on the bottom

Lager Capacity - Our underpads can be used at night, while traveling, or anytime you need extra protection while you sleep. They are also disposable and clean up quickly!

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1. WELLMIEN Disposable Liners help you stay clean and dry all night long.

2. When your child wets the bed, not only does it seep into the mattress fabric and bed waste, it can irritate your skin and make them feel less confident. That's why we've developed a disposable pad that helps cover sheets, absorbs fluids quickly for less trouble, and helps you sleep just a little bit better because your child is protected throughout the night.

3. Designed with super absorbent down padding, these thick sole pads can be used by parents with young babies, children just switching from diapers to underwear, adults who may be struggling with incontinence, or in fact owners looking for pet training and Keep the bottom clean.

1. Quick Sot & largely spongy
Created with high-end fluff fill polymer layers, our disposable underpads give you high liquid immersion for enhanced safety as well as fast-drying comfort throughout the night.
2. Latex- Free, Ideal For All Skin Types
The Medpride underpads feature a latex-free construction that makes them an ideal choice for people with latex disinclinations. The silky-soft polymer is comfortable for indeed the most sensitive skin types.
3. Large & Disposable
Our disposable pads sport a thick construction with a 23 " x 36 " (60X90cm) size that will cover all your requirements.
With its large content and consistency combined, it helps absorb liquid important briskly, prisoner bad odors, and reduces skin vexation.

We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 face masks and other medical supplies.We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times.

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