Surgical Drape Disposable Non Woven Sterile Drape

Surgical Drape Disposable Non Woven Sterile Drape

Material: SBPP,coated PE film
Size: 100X75cm,140X80cm

Name: Disposable Non Woven Fenestrated Surgical Drape

Product Description

Technical Information

Product Type:paper drape,surgical drape
Application:clinic, hospital, pharmacy, salon, hotel, etc.
Color:blue and green
Size:10*10cm 10*15cm 10*20cm 20*20cm 30*30cm 40*40cm 50*50cm etc.
Payment:T/T, L/C
Time of develiry:30days after order comfirmation
Packing details:at your request
Loading PortShanghai

Product Details

Product specifications

TEX00455-1Paper Drape  38*45cm Sterile Green Color
TEX00455-2Paper Drape  38*45cm Sterile Green Color With in center 10cm diameter of the hole 
TEX00455-3Paper Drape 100*120cm One Size paper,One Size PE
TEX00455-4Paper Drape 50*60  55g/m² Adhesive with Aperture 6cm



a)The product can be used only once, should be used immediately after opening the package and destroyed afterwards;

b)Strictly prohibit using it if the package is broken;

c)The product must be sterilized by radiation, Every test item must meet with standard before using them;

d)The period of validity is 2 years from the date of manufacture, must use it during the validity period;

e)Store in a place it avoids high temperature, high humidity, and does not have corroding gases, should have good dryness and ventilation.

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