Latex Gloves Disposable Operation Examination Gloves

Material: 100% nature latex
Width: 92-97cm
Length: 240-260cm
Thickness: 0.22-0.37mm

Latex Gloves Disposable Operation Examination

Packing100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton
ClassifyLatex Surgical Hand Gloves
ApplicationFor chemical industry and surgical operation
IdentityPowdered or powder free


1. Properties: beaded cuff, comfortable touch, reasonable design.

2. Good elasticity, high tensile strength.

3. Size: S-XL

4. Surface: smooth or textured;Finger : Curved 

5. Sterilization: gamma radiation; For single use.

6. Shelf life: 5 years.

7. Low antigentic proteins.

8. Also provide a great deal of flexibility and stretchiness, snap-back to their original shape with ease.


Medical Gloves Examination Gloves Latex Gloves Disposable Gloves Medical Latex Gloves

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