Disposable PE Emergency Blanket Outdoor Camping Emergency Rescue Blanket

Material: PE
Color: Silver- orange/blu/green, etc.
Thickness: 26μm, 30μm

  • Name:Disposable PE Emergency Blanket
  • Color:multi color
  • Size:130*210 cm, 140*210 cm, 160*210 cm, etc.
  • Packing:1pc/zipper bag
  • Material:PE
  • Certificate:CE, ISO13485

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Disposable PE Emergency Blanket

Disposable PE Emergency Blanket
PE 26 μm / 30μm thick 
Silver- orange /blue /green, etc.
130*210cm;140*210cm;160*210cm; 52''*84'' or as request 
1pc/zipper bag 
Largely suits for outdoor sporters, visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climbers, etc.


1. Use this kind of blanket to cover the whole body can prevent the body thermo fallen rapidly in case of the accidents taken place. 

2. When the car cast an anchor in the midnight or in the cold weather, this kind of blanket can help driver to prevent the cold and keep warm. 

3. This first-aid blanket can be used as the reflectance film that send the signal to the rescuers. 

4. During the raining day, can use the blanket as the raincoat or awning 

5. When parking the car in the hot sun, you can cover the silver side of this blanket on all the front windshield, which can reduce the car internal heat absorbent. 

6. Used with sleeping blanket can help keep warm efficiently. 




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