Disposable CPE Isolation Gown Waterproof Plastic Apron With Thumb Loop Long Sleeve


Material: CPE

Size: 118X190cm or as request

Weight: 30-50g per piece

Standard: CE/ISO13485

  • Brand: WELLMIEN
  • HS Code: 39262090

Disposable Waterproof Plastic CPE Isolation Gown With Thumb Loop Long Sleeve


Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) material for impervious protection

30-50g per piece
Blue or as your request.
Elastic cuff or thumb loop wrists prevent sleeves from sliding up when putting gloves on. Apron-style neck, Easy to put on/off.
                                     118X190cm or as request

1pc/small bag,10pcs/middle bag;100pcs/ctn


Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading


1. Thumb Loop CPE Gowns give great protection, save time & keep sleeves from sliding up. Thumb circle CPE Gowns have an apron-style neck so the CPE gown can be removed snappily. Thumb circle gowns are a provident option and give protection against high situations of fluid.

2. CPE isolation gowns accent a tall apron fashion neckline, servitude back for easy slipping, and fast junking. Thumb hoop CPE gowns give great protection and will help save time and stop sleeves from slipping. 

3. CPE Disposable gowns are freehandedly sized for full content and help keep chemicals and contagions off clothes and down from skin. AAMI Level 3 CPE gowns also help give protection against high situations of fluid.

4. Our decoration-quality disposable CPE isolation gowns are used by hospitals, medical installations, engineering, medicinal uses, etc. Disposable CPE gowns are weightless, 100% waterproofed, popular, perfect for one-time use!

Can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, anywhere need protection.
Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.
Can be used as a visit coat .

Detail of CPE Isolation Gown

Long Sleeve Plastic ApronLong Sleeve Plastic Apron

Packing of CPE Isolation Gown

1pcs/bag 100pcs/ctn


Carton Size

Port of shipment: Shanghai, CHINA

Packing Picture:

Product storage.jpg

Remark: To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Features of CPE Isolation Gown:

1. Apron- mode neck enables gown to be deposed on and out snappily.
2. CPE Gowns are disposable.
3. Light blue in color.
4. Blood repellent.
5. CPE gowns are permeable due to the polypropylene material.
6. Defensive gown with thumb holes.
7. High-degree fluid protection.
8. Keeps dust, water, and chemicals off clothes and skin.
9. Thumb loop style wrists keep sleeves from sliding up when putting on gloves.
10. Provides protection from common dirt, dust, and smut, minor splashes, and particulates.
11. Made from blue CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene).
12. Profitable option for disposable gowns.
13. Leakproof Isolation Gown.
14. Durable CPE material.
15. One size fits each.
16. AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gown.
17. CE Approved.

Disposable CPE gowns are best used for the following applications.

1. Nursing Care Gowns
Spreading cancers and bacteria can be secure in any place, and this is no different in nursing care units. The gowns can be used to help any spread of bacteria between nursers and cases. The dress also ensures sanitation in the nursing care units.

2. Isolation Gowns
CPE gowns are used in contagion isolation centers. This has been applied to help the spread of contagions between cases and croakers or anyone who interacts with them.

3. Hospital Gowns
In hospitals, CPE gowns can be used as protection between the croaker and case. This is to say, a Medical Operation Gown. Accidents in the operation room aren't rare, and some fatal blood spillage is involved. These CPE gowns are used to avoid any spread of bacteria and cancers from doctors to patients and vice versa.

4. Pharmaceutical Gowns
Since CPE gowns help the spread of contagions, the operation in medicinals is effective to avoid the spread of origins and bacteria. The gowns also help maintain proper sanitation in the working area.

5. Kitchen Gowns
This is substantially in eatery kitchens. The CPE gown is leakproof. For this reason, any spillage in the kitchen prevents the water from discovering on culinarians or those involved.

6. Food Factory Gowns
The water-repellent affection makes it suitable for these environs. The CPE gown prevents any water from discovering on workers. Food works are a sensitive terrain. Any infection would lead to fatal cases if not worse. That's the reason why the CPE gowns can be used in food works to help bacterial infections and to spread them.

FAQ of CPE Isolation Gown

Q: What size of CPE Isolation Gown? 

A: We have normally 3 sizes: M:115X184cm, L: 118X190cm, XL: 145x210cm, or as customized.

Q: What is the weight of each piece of the CPE gown?

A: 30-50g per piece, or as customized.

Q: What is the packaging of the CPE gown?

A: 1 pc/bag, 100pcs/ctn or as customized. 

Q: Does this product meet AAMI?


Q: Can you check the logistic cost ?

A: Yes, But, we need to know the delivery address.

Q: How to place an order?


(1): Refer to our website first, then inform us by e-mail or phone call of what kind you will be interested at.

(2): We will make quotations respectively for you to consider.

(3): Confirm the price, the quantity, the product specification, then we will give you our proforma invoice for your approval.

(4): Need you to transfer the payment ( 30% deposit in advanced for bulk orders: if for samples, full payment).

Once received your payment, we will start producing goods and shipping ASAP.

Q: Do you provide samples?

A: Yes, also free sample can be supplied, just freight fee collected.

Q: How to make an instant payment?

A:(only for samples and a small amount) Suggest you use Alipay, which only takes a few minutes to get your payments.

Q: How to make payment?

A: T/T, L/C, and Western Union.

Q: Your products are consistent with the pictures?

A: Our products are 90% consistent with the pictures, sometimes the colors on pictures may be a little bit different from the real goods,because of different light, screen, or color deviation.

We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 face masks and other medical supplies.We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times.

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