Disposable Wraparound Face Shield Medical Anti-Fog Face Shield


Material: Plastic Pet

Color: Blue+Clear

Mask Type: Safe-Type

Shape: Full Face

Thickness: 16 micron

  • Model No:WELLMIEN-FS01

Disposable Wraparound Face Shield Medical Anti-Fog Face Shield

The face shield is designed to protect the wearer's entire face from dust, splashes, sprays, droplets, and saliva. Medical masks are comfortable to wear. Don't hurt your eyes or skin. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Suitable for wearing glasses.


Materialimported transparent PET film
Size8.6"X13"(22x33cm), or customized (19x33cm etc)
Stylesoft foam cushion forehead with an elastic band
Foam thickness16mm
Foreheadcomfortable and breathable sponges
Package10pcs/bag, 400pcs/ctn


1. Protects the important parts of your face.

2. Full Face Coverage (below the chin protection).

3. Extra comfort face shield with foam.

4. Clear Face shield for maximum visibility.

5. Distortion-free protective lens provides a natural and uninterrupted field of view.

6. Long-wearing face shields.

7. Comfortable, Durable, Quality Materials.

8. Easy to clean and disinfect.

9. Disposable and Reusable face shields. (We recommend cleaning face shields with water and alcohol-based sanitizing wipes)

10. Fully adjustable head harness that moves up and down easily and fits comfortably with most goggles and respirators.

11. Double-sided with long-lasted anti-fog.

12. High-temperature resistance and impact resistant.

13. Face Shield with Direct Splash Protection.


Clear protective face shields are comfortable to wear and can be easily disinfected or cleaned. Face shields are ideal for industries such as medical, food service, manufacturing facilities, dental care centers, assisted living and behavior centers for the elderly, correctional and detention centers, grocery stores, retail, and more. 

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