Disposable Wraparound Face Shield Medical Anti-Fog Face Shield

Material: Plastic Pet

Color: Blue+Clear

Mask Type: Safe-Type

Shape: Full Face

Thickness: 0.25mm

  • Model No:WELLMIEN-FS01

Disposable Wraparound Face Shield Medical Anti-Fog Face Shield

1. Certificate: CE, ISO13485.
2. Material: Imported transparent PET film
3. Size: 22x33cm, or customized (19x33cm etc).
4. Style: Soft foam cushion forehead with elastic band.
5. Feature: Excellent visibility, double-sided anti-fog, complete splash guarding.
6. Film Thickness: 15~40 micron.
7. Application: Medical field for doctor or nurse treating or inspecting.
8. Forehead: Comfortable and breathable sponges.
9. Package: 20pcs/bag, 10 bags/ctn.
1. This product can effectivey prevent splashes during treatments or inspections.
2. At the same time, it has better effect in antifog, which can provide doctors a clear vision.
3. Headband is made of protective film, sponge and elastic straps. This product is widely used in medical treatments to protect operators' faces.
4. This product is only used in preventing splashes during medical activities.

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