Emergency First Aid Bag For Outdoor Travel Use With Nylon

MOQ: 10000PCS

Material: Polyester, Nylon

Type: First Aid Bag

Style: Simple

Size: 23*18*8cm

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Color: Red/Custom Color

Feature: Portable Lightweight

Emergency First Aid Bag For Outdoor Travel Use With Nylon

First Aid Supplies: The travel first aid kit is Packed with 18 useful and valuable hospital-grade Medical Supplies. Our emergency car kit has higher quality content than any other on the market!

Everything in One Bag: The travel essentials come in a red rip-stop 600D polyester nylon bag. These medical Supplies are lightweight, compact, and yet still hold Everything you need for life's unexpected events. This 1st aid kit is lightweight, small, and durable.

Suitable for Most Emergency Situations: Great emergency travel medicine kit for most daily use or adventures, including homes, offices, camping, cars, restaurants, autos, sports, boats, road trips, workplaces, and schools.

Be Prepared: These first aid kits allow you to be ready for unexpected basic daily misshapes and even wilderness combat field survival trauma situations. We've seen our first aid kit travel used in a variety of situations.

Composition of  Emergency Medical First Aid Bag

1Large Nylon Contoured Bag - custom logo as sample1
2Tongue Depressors I.W. 5.5"4
3Vinyl Gloves Large - 1 Pair2
4Metal Kit Tweezer 8.8cm1
512 Assorted Safety Pins1
6Elastic Wrap Band. 2"1
7Combine Pad 5x91
8Conform Gauze Band 2"2
9Tiny Strips25
10Fabric Patch 2 x 32
11Fingertip Fabric Large2
12Knuckle Bandages2
133/4 x 3 Plastic Adhesive Bandages25
14Pressure Bandage 4"1
15Instruction Card1
163" Cotton Tip Applicator (12 Pack)2
17Gauze Pads 2"x2"4
18Gauze Pads 4"x4"4

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FAQ of Emergency First Aid Bag:
Q: Is this package water-resistant?
A: The fabric is water-resistant, it has a PVC coating on the inside. However, the zippers are not water-resistant. The bag and contents would be fine in light rain, but we don't recommend submerging the bag in water.

Q: Would this be a good thing to have in a school backpack?
A: Yes, I think it would a good idea for an older child to have in the backpack.

Q: How big are the scissors? Could I take in my carry-on?
A: The scissors are small but big for a carry-on unless you hide them well within the case.

Q: What items are included in this first aid kit?
A: Please refer to Composition of  Emergency Medical First Aid Waist Bag.

Q: Can it be attached to your belt? Does it have a belt loop on the back?
A: Yes, it has a belt loop on the back.

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