Antiglare Eyeshield Surgical Mask Fluid-resistant With Fog-free Foam

Material: 4ply: SBPP + MB + Fluidshield Membrance + SBPP
Style: ear-loop or tie on
Structure: with face visor and soft foam

  • Brand: WM
  • Code: 63079000
  • MOQ:10,000pcs
  • Production Time:25 to 35 days

Product Name: Antiglare Eyeshield Surgical Mask Fluid Resistant With Fog-free Foam

4-ply:  SBPP+Fluidshield Membrance+MB+SBPP
with face visor
with soft foam
Earloop or tie-on
Nose clip
Double wire
Blue or as requested


1.Conform to EN14683 TypeIIR standard of EU

2.Fluid Splash Resistance

3.Low breathing resistance
4.Unique surface water resistance and soft lining
5. Non- irritating
6.Glass fiber free and latex free
7. Adjustable nose piece for easy use
8. Non-sterile
9. Single use


Antiglare Eyeshield Surgical Mask Surgical Face Mask Nonwoven Face Mask Surgical Mask Medical Masl Face Mask eye protection mask

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