Gauze Compress - Abdominal Pads

MOQ: 10000pcs

Material:100% Cotton

Disinfecting Type: Far Infrared

Size: 45x45cm, 20*90cm,30*30cm,45*45cm

Yarn: 21's,32's,40's

Abdominal Gauze Compress Pads

Specification of Gauze Compress Pads 

1.100% cotton yarn fabric

2. Sterilization in two ways. Gamma Ray, ETO

3. Absorption rate = 3-5s, whiteness = 80% A

4. Soft and higher absorbency with 100% all-natural cotton

5. Mesh 40s/13,17,20reads/cm2 etc.

6. Mesh 40s/20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20, etc.

7.Item size:30x30cm,45x45cm,37x45cm

8. With or without x-ray detection line/band

9. With or without the cotton ring (blue ring)

10. Pre-washed or not / sterile or non-sterile

11. Expiration date: 3 years for sterile, 5 years for non-sterile

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Gauze Compress Abdominal Pads Cotton Gauze Pad

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