Hospital Operation Disposable Medical Face Mask With Face Shield


Material: 3ply: SBPP + MB + SBPP(33/33/25)

Style: ear-loop or tie on

Structure: with face visor and soft foam

  • Brand: WM
  • Code: 63079000
  • MOQ:10,000pcs
  • Production Time:25 to 35 days

Product Name:  Hospital Operation Disposable Medical Face Mask With Face Shield

3-ply:  SBPP+Fluidshield Membrance+MB+SBPP
with face visor
with soft foam
Earloop or tie-on
Nose clip
Double wire
Blue or as requested


ANTIFOG: Antifog Foam


Color: Purple, White, Blue


1. Directly manufacturer, disposable face mask, any colors.
2. ASTM type standard available.
3.Capacity: 100,000pcs/day.
4. Lax-free, easy breath, eco-friendly, OEM packing design.


1.Size:17.5x9.5cm, 3-PLY. With Ear-loop and tie-on style.
2. Very low resistance to breathing, free from foreign smell, without any stimulating feeling.
3. Nose bar can be adaptable, comfortable, without glass fibers, latex-free.
4. PFE(Filtration efficiency of nonoily particles)≥99%.
5. BFE(Bacteria filtration efficiency)≥99%(99%).
6. Use ultrasonic welding technology, comfortable wearing.
7. white, blue, green, red, pink, yellow can be available


Raw Material:

Inner: spun-bond non-woven of polypropylene, white, 33±2g/m2

Middle: melt-blown nonwoven of polypropylene, white,33±2g/m2

Outer: spun-bond non-woven of polypropylene, blue, 25±2g/m2

Nose bridge bar: 0.5mm width metal clip; Sealing type: ultrasonic

Ear band: Single strand width of spandex core wire

Shield: Polyester material


1. Conform to ASTM F2100-19 Level 3 Standard of FDA

2. Fluid Splash Resistance

3. Low breathing resistance
4. Unique surface water resistance and soft lining
5. Non- irritating
6. Glass fiber-free and latex-free
7. Adjustable nose piece for easy use
8. Non-sterile
9. Single use


surgical mask.jpg
KF Fish shape mask.jpg

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