Lower-Body Warming Blanket


Price: $2.8/pc~$3.5/pc

Material: SMS+PE+SMS

Size: 125*120cm

Upper Body Warming Blanket

Blanket Description

Material: SMS+PE+SMS

Size: 125*120cm

Refer to the following figure for a different size.

Equipment Description 

Temperature Modes


Ambient air High: ≥30CFM

Airflow Modes

Med: ≥28CFM

Low: =26CFM


OLED Display


≤52dB(High fan setting)

The Length of Hose


Power Supply




Controller Dimensions

Width: 37.0cm

Depth: 29.0cm

Remark: 3M equipment available 


1. Can be used in supine, prone, lithotomy, and other patient positions

2. Effectively used for patients in supine, lateral or prone positions

3. Foot drape minimizes the risk of thermal injury to the feet and lower leg area

4. A continuous adhesive strip secures the blanket to the patient

5. For use during surgical procedures on the upper half of the body

6. Delivers consistent, even warming by optimized airflow through the blanket’s air channel and perforation pattern

air warming blanket(1).jpg

warming blanket(1).jpgbody warming blanket(1).jpg

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