Rescue Military Emergency Tourniquet


Material: Nylon and Plastic

Feature: Reusable, Portable, First aid

Application: Outdoor, Military, Home Emergency

Rescue Rapid Hemostatic Tie Tourniquet Single-Handed Control Combat Medical Tourniquet For Outdoor Hiking Emergency with Windlass

MaterialNylon and Plastic
Unfold Size3.8*95cm
ColorBlack or Customize
LogoAs the customer's logo
Packing1pc/opp bag, 200pcs/carton
Packing SizeSingle:6.3*2.75*1.6 inch; Carton size: 50*28*60cm

One-Handed Application: This tourniquet can be operated with one hand during tasks or outdoor walks when no one else is present. Rapid control of life-threatening extremity bleeding.
Effective & Safe: Designed with rotating adjustable windlass, combat tourniquets block the blood flow of upper and lower limbs more effectively and quickly. The length is suitable for most people's arms and legs. 
Carry Easier: One-handed operation design & lightweight, Size: 6.3 X 2.75 X 1.6 inches, the feature of lightweight and small size allows medical tourniquets easily to be put into a first aid kit. 
Multipurpose: Tourniquet is a piece of common life-saving equipment, which can be used in a wide range of scenarios, not only in recon, combat, and medical aid but also in outdoor, exploration, and artery bleeding. 


Emergency Tourniquet
Outdoor tourniquet not only for professionals but for the average individual.
As a private doctor for outdoor or emergency: 100% effective in blocking blood flow, quickly controlled the bleeding threatening life
It is able to stop hemorrhaging & saves lives in the key moment and save time and save lives! 

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Time Stamp

Write down the use time of the tourniquet to prevent cell necrosis caused by too 

long hemostasis time

Red Tip

Prevent nylon buckle from laminating 

under extreme tension


Rotate the adjusting rod to make the 

hemostasis more rapid

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emergency medical tourniquet.jpg
Outdoor/HikingMilitaryHome Emergency

Installation Instructions:

1. Apply a tourniquet proximal to the bleeding site and place the wounded limb through the band loop. Pass the tip through the inside slot of the buckle. Pull the band tight.

2. Pass the tip through the outside silt of the buckle. The friction buckle will lock the band in place.

3. Pull the band very tight and fasten it back on itself.

4. Twist the rod until bright red bleeding has stopped and the distal pulse is eliminated.

5. Place the rod inside the clip and lock it in place.

6. Check for bleeding condition and distal pulse. Apply additional tightening next to the tourniquet and reassess if massive bleeding continues.

7. Adhere band over the rod inside the clip around the limb.

8. Secure the rod and band with the strap. Prepare the patient for transport reassess. Record the time of application on a white strap if possible.

FAQ About Tourniquet

1. Does each tourniquet have a separate package?
    Yes, each tourniquet has a separate package and contains instructions for use

2. Can this tourniquet be reused?
    Theoretically, from a health point of view, we do not recommend the reuse of tourniquets, but in fact, they can be reused

3. Will the instructions be included in this tourniquet?
    Yes, the instruction is included in the tourniquet. In addition, the operating instructions are also mentioned in the user guide 

4. Does it have a metal rod? will it break when used? 
    No, The rod is some type of plastic. Seems to be very good quality though.

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