Reusable Composite Emergency Blanket Outdoor Thermal Sleeping Camp

Size: 130*210 cm, 160*210 cm, etc.

Material: 4ply

Price: $2.8-$3.27 per piece

  • Name:Reusable Composite Emergency Blanket
  • Size:130*210 cm, 160*210 cm, etc.
  • Packing:1pc/bag
  • Material:4ply
  • Application:Visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climb

emergency blanket

Reusable Composite Emergency Blanket

Namereusable emergency blankets
Colorblue, green, orange, yellow, etc
Packing1pc/zipper bag with an insert card
Material4ply:  PVC+PET+PET+PE     
FeatureWindproof & waterproof & against coldness
CertificateCE, ISO13485
Application Visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climbers, etc.


1. Emergency blanket can be used to cover the body, preventing body temperature from sharp declining after accidents.

2. Emergency blanket can be used as reflective film, send a signal to rescuers.

3. The vehicle broke down in cold areas or at night, can keep the body warm.

4. Emergency blanket can be used as a poncho in the rain.

5. Put in the sleeping bags, better insulation.

6. Can be used as Shelter, Ground Cover, Blanket, etc.

7. Should use emergency blanket  immediately when under low temperature environment

Product Images

Composite Emergency Blanket

Composite Emergency Blanket

Composite Emergency Blanket-3.jpg

Composite Emergency Blanket-4.jpg

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