TPU Gown-Plastic Waterproof Smocks


Material: TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Size: Length:130*130cm

Thickness: 10S (100um)

Style: With Tie

Reusable Protective TPU Gown Waterproof Plastic Full Body Protective TPU Smocks

MaterialThermoplastic polyurethane foil (no inner fabric layer) with welded bib and  reinforced corners
Material Strength100um
ColorBlue, pink, green, white, or as customized
Arm sleeve65cm
FeatureMirror texture ( Smooth,pore-free surface)
AdvantagesLight and comfortable, Washable, permanent flexibility, Resistant to animal oils and fats
FunctionFor the meat, fish, and food industries

The Description of the TPU Gown

Made of 100% virgin polyurethane (TPU)

Maximum coverage

Self-material waist strap

Neck and back tie

Heat-sealed enclosed elastic cuffs

High-quality TPU coverall

Our polyurethane TPU Gown has an excellent puncture, abrasion, and tear resistance

 (it is impossible to tear the Endeavor material by hand)

Ten times the abrasion resistance of P.V.C & Vinyl

Can go through up to 100 industrial washings without changing properties

Can withstand temperatures from –54°C / –65°F to 82°C / 180°F

Will not crack from washing or freezing

Easy cleaning! Nothing sticks to its slick finish

Using TPU Gown in the Food Industry

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Why Choose TPU Aprons?



100% waterproof

Gown offers heavy-duty splash protection

Resistant to most chemicals and acids

Excellent resistance to fats, oils, and grease

The seamless design eliminates bacterial and dirt traps

Non-toxic, Odorless, Non-absorbent, Non-corrosive

Environmentally Friendly

100% Recyclable & biodegradable,100% Non-toxic

One TPU gown will outlast up to 200 disposable gowns


Long-term use means lower cost per worker – even when compared to disposable gowns.

TPU Gowns are comfortable, light, and very flexible. They will remain soft and will never crack, even when placed in the freezer.

How to wash TPU Gown

The Endeavor Protective Wear Line Gown is washer & dryer safe and withstands up to 100 industrial washing items without changing properties. Use commercial laundry detergent, soap, or disinfectant up to 100 °F/ 38 °C. Tumble dry at medium heat or hang to dry.

We can fill orders for 10,000 to 10,000,000 face masks and other medical supplies.We guarantee the lowest price and fastest shipping times.

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