Approved Wireless TENS Unit With USB

Type: Body Massager
Weight: 17g
Working time: 20 minutes
Frequency: 1-200Hz
Massage modes: Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, tapping, combination

Approved Wireless TENS Unit With USB


Product Details

TypeBody MassagerSize117MM*71MM*11MM
FunctionSlimming & FittingApplicationHome use, personal use
Working time20 minutes( per installation time)CertificationCE, Health Canada
Frequency1-200HzStrength1-15 level
Massage modes

Scraping,  Massage, Acupuncture, tapping, combination



It's a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) for over-the-counter use of pain relief. The device generates small pulses of electrical current and delivers the pulses to the user’s skin through adhesive electrode pads such that the underlying nerves are activated and the pain associated with sore and aching muscles is relieved. The Pad is portable, compact, and stylish in design. It may help relieve pain in various areas of body, such as the lower back, shoulders, arms and legs. 

Process for operation

1. Take out the equipment from the case

2. Place the gel pads at desired areas of the body

3. Please push switch for powder on

4. Choose mode

5. Adjust output level

6. Working time is 20 minutes per one

Warning & Precautions:

1. Please turn off powder after using

2. Please separate adhesive gel pads from machine

3. Please attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder.

4. The dirty point and etc. on case should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again

5. Don't keep in sunshine, hot temperature and humidity, wet and dust place, closer fire, 

6. To keep it by children who can not touch.

7. Don't touch drying battery terminal with wet hand

8. If doesn't use it for a long time ( more than 1 month). Please separate battery from machine and store it at other place.

9. keeping it away from heart when using it.



Approved Wireless TENS Unit With USB

Approved Wireless TENS Unit With USB



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