X-Ray Gauze Swabs - Wound Care Absorbent Gauze

MOQ: 10000 PCS

Material:100% Cotton

Mesh:19x15,26x18,30x20 or customized

Size:10cmx10cm-8ply, 2"x2", 3"x3", 4"x4" or customized

Layer:4ply, 6ply, 8ply, 12ply, 16ply,24ply

Style: Folded edge or non-folded

X-Ray Gauze Swabs - Wound Care Absorbent Gauze


100% Cotton
5x5cm 7.5x7.5cm 7.5x10cm 10x10cm 10x20cm 20x20cm
X-ray detectableWith X-ray
Folded or unfolded
Cotton Yarn40s 32s 21s
2ply 4ply 8ply 12ply 24ply 32ply
High absorbency, low lint, soft & comfortable
Traditional wound care

Product Description:
- Can be used to clean or cover minor wounds, to absorb light exudate & and to treat secondary healing wounds
- Can be used for absorption during surgical operation after sterilization.
- After sterilization for gripping and retaining organs and tissue during surgery.

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Gauze Swabs Wound Care Absorbent Gauze X-Ray Gauze Swabs

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