Disposable Apron & Sleeveover
Wellmien Disposable Apron & Sleeveover

Disposable Apron & Sleeveover

The aprons are worn when handling dangerous dry particulates and exposure to dangerous light chemical splash. Garments that give light-chemical splash resistance cover against inorganic acids, bases, and mariners in general conservation, remittal, and lab work. Liquid splash is non-pressurized when it connects to the garment. Aprons cover the front of the worker from the neck to the knee or below. occasionally called bib aprons, they're sleeveless and have an open reverse, so workers who wear them all day stay cooler than wearing garments that cover the front and back.

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Technical Specs of Disposable apron

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE), PVC, TPU, Non woven

  • Color: White, Blue, Transparent

  • Weight: PE apron(7g-85g per piece), PVC apron (20g-55g per piece), TPU apron(90-160g per piece), TPU Gown(280-350g per piece), CPE gown(30-80g per piece), Non woven(20-50gsm)

  • Size: Apron(Width:70-96cm,Length:110-160cm), Gown(Width:115-125cm,Length:188-196cm) Can be produced according to customer's requirements.

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Our Apron Features

  • It can be used for conditioning other than cuisine, including cleaning, oil, serving, artificial use, and numerous other conditioning.

  • Multipurpose Used to cover clothes when preparing food, washing dishes, or serving dishes at an art party. They can also be used for art systems or dress-up games or Halloween. Use it to match your cook or server/ server theme!

  • Easy to use easy- to- wear and tear design, quick to put on and take off, plus long strips, it's easy to tie on the reverse. You can start incinerating in just many seconds!

  • Keep it clean Ideal for people who work in coffee shops, professed shops, cafes, or people who work in chaotic surroundings.

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