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With extensive expertise in customer service and in-depth product knowledge combined, our team aims to provide you with differentiated user experience.

Valor Zhu

Valor Zhu Managing Director

Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Working Experience: I have 16 years of experience in the export business and I am familiar with all Wellmien's products and related raw material requirements. I have provided customers with a variety of solutions to help them win large projects.

Main service Region: South America, North America, Southeast Asia etc.

Life Motto: Dedicate yourself and you will win.

Candice Bai

Candice Bai Sales Manager

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business English

Working Experience: I have 6 years of experience in the export business especially the PPE product market and have experience in retailer custom design with various sizes of international companies such as Staples.

Life Motto: Details determine success or failure

Nora Wu

Nora Wu   Senior Sales Rep.

Education:Bachelor's Degree in International Economy and Trade

Working Experience: I have 4 years’ exporting experience of medical devices, especially in pre-hospital emergency products. With the belief of putting customers at the heart of every decision, I have provided one-stop purchase service for professional buyers in 30+ countries, which helps them proceed projects with governments&companies to provide medical solutions for more customers.

Main service Region: North America,Europe,South-east Asia

Life Motto: God helps those who help themselves.

Yona Zhu

Yona Zhu Senior Sales Rep.

Education: College’s Degree in English Education

Working Experience:  I have 4 years of experience in the export business, especially the home & garden, outdoor products , and has extensive experience in custom design to meet any needs of customers .

Life Motto:  Human rests on action; harvest lies in pursuit .

Jean Yan

Jean Yan Senior Sales Rep.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in International Trade 

Working Experience:  I have 4 years of experience in the export business and familiar with all procedures of traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce. I can provide professional service to customers globally, especially customized services.

Life Motto: Chance favors the prepared mind.


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