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What Is Medical Adhesive Plaster Used for?

Medical adhesive plaster is classified according to material. Cotton type tape is commonly known as zinc oxide tape or zinc oxide plaster, punching plaster.

Zinc oxide adhesive plaster is made of cotton cloth as the base material, coated with glue with zinc oxide and rubber as the main raw materials, or coated with glue with medical hot melt adhesive as the main raw material.

Product Color: White/Skin

Main size: 1.25cm /2.5cm/5cm x5m etc.

Packaging: Simple packaging, plastic cans, iron cans, barrels Other options: size, color, brand customization

Intended Use: Strong stickiness and versatile. Various styles and complete specifications. It is used in surgical trauma, fixed dressings or catheters, etc. It can also be used in sports protection, labor protection and industrial packaging, etc. It has the advantages of firm fixation, strong applicability, convenient use, and long standby period.

Punch sticker

The small holes are evenly distributed on the medical adhesive plaster to form a perforated plaster to increase the air permeability and moisture permeability of the product. Special processing technology is used to increase the viscosity and air permeability of the product. It is especially suitable for various special environments and with therapeutic properties. Dressings and plasters are used.

Product material: cotton, silk Product color: white, skin tone

The main ruler of the product: 10cmx5m, 18cmx5m, etc.

You can use scissors to cut the desired size arbitrarily, comfortable and breathable, zinc oxide has strong adhesiveness, breathable, moisture-permeable, and will not degumming, you can use it with confidence.

Intended use: Protection of fingers, hands, ankles, arms, knees, etc., wound protection (fixed protective articles, dressings, etc.

Chili Paste

Small holes are evenly distributed on the medical adhesive plaster to form a perforated plaster, which contains capsaicin.

This product is breathable, dispels dampness and removes cold, clears meridians and collaterals, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain, and has rehabilitation and health care effects on muscle, bone and joint pain, swelling and numbness, contracture and other discomfort caused by wind-cold-dampness pathogenic obstruction.

Intended use: Body pain relief products

Its main material: cotton

Product color: white, skin tone

Main product size: 11cmx17cm, 12cmx18cm

Storage conditions: Store away from light in a room with relative humidity not exceeding 80%, temperature (-5~30) ℃, no corrosive gas and well-ventilated

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