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Custom Patient Transfer Bed Sheet

Custom Hospital Bedding for Healthcare Facilities including hospitals, clinics, VA hospitals, nursing homes.

Designed for durability and performance. Wellmien is a professional hospital transfer bed sheets supplier located in China. We offer highly competitive prices for all high-quality hospital bedding. All of our hospital bedding products are high-quality, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and protective.

Wellmien has been a leading manufacturer of disposable medical consumables and hospital bedding sheets in China for over 17 years. The quality of our medical products, easy customization of products and orders, and quick production strategies keep us competitive in the hospital consumables industry.

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we’re so confident you’ll love our products that we’ll send you a sample for free. Fill outthis form to get started.

Note: ONLY WHOLE-SALE BUSINESS IS ACCEPTABLE. MOQ: 5000pcs for disposable and 1000pcs for reusable.

Why Choose Patient Transfer Sheet?

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality product that meet all your needs.

Improved patient safety

Patient transfer bed sheets help to prevent healthcare-associated injuries, such as patient falls or caregiver back injuries, during the transfer process.


Bed sheets are a relatively inexpensive transfer option compared to specialized transfer equipment, making them a cost-effective choice for many healthcare facilities.

Improved hygiene

Bed sheets are easy to clean and sterilize, reducing the risk of infection transmission between patients.

Reduced physical strain on caregivers

Using bed sheets for patient transfers reduces the physical strain on caregivers, greatly reducing the risk of injury and increasing overall job satisfaction.

Customization Range

Customize your order to exactly what you need. With our low order minimums, and quick production times we’ll get you exactly what you need without wasting time.
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Polypropylene (PP)
Non Woven Fabric+fluff+Sap+PE Film
Polypropylene (PP)+Polyethylene (PE Film)

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Normal: 80X190cm, 100X250cm.
Other size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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5pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn or 10pcs/bag, 5bags/ctn.
Bag Material: Transparent PE bag;
Thickness of bag: 8S.
Carton: 5-layer corrugated , suitable for long-distance transportation.
Remark:Bag and carton can be as customized printable or labelable.

Meet All Your Hospital Bed Linen Needs

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Hospital sheets are essential for the health and welfare of patients, but they can be expensive to purchase and maintain. That’s where we come in! We provide a full range of quality hospital disposables, from bed linen to pillowcases, to hospitals around the world. We use cutting-edge manufacturing methods to weave quality fabrics into medical bedding customized to the needs of the healthcare sector.

We also provide customers with the best hospital sheet wholesale solutions. Browse the product catalog today to learn more about why we are considered one of the world’s leading suppliers of hospital linens!

Request a Sample

we’re so confident you’ll love our products that we’ll send you a sample for free. Fill outthis form to get started.

Different Importing Policy and Certificate for Customer Market

17 years’ exporting experience makes Wellmien very familial with different importing policy.

Steps to Custom Medical Bed Sheets

Wellmein has built a quality management system for the product process at every stage to ensure all the products conform to the standard. Wellmein also offers a one-stop service to help our customers.

Before Mass Production
Customized samples and drawings are available. Free samples are available for quality assessment first.
About Production
Sample inspection and release before each shipment. Customized packaging and styles according to requirements. ISO 13485, CE, US FDA 510K approved.
About Delivery
We will remind you 10 days before the production is finished to get the contact of their shipping agent for booking shipping space and provide the customs clearance documents as requested. Worldwide delivery via flexible and efficient logistic arrangements at customers' disposal also can be provided.
About Customs Clearance
Different countries have different requirements for customs clearance documents, such as bills of lading, packing lists, invoices with different Certificates of Origin, etc.


To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about :

Yes, sample can be offered free of charge for quality evaluation first

Sure, Sir, custom samples can be done . Could you pls share your designing? There will be plate-making charges if custom box or printing mask. Shall we share you the similar printing style first for quality evaluation?

A: Definitely. Any artwork shared to us will be helpful. Packing can be printed according to client design or designed by Wellmien team as well.

It will be 25 days to finished the production after you placing the order

It depends on the product quantity, value and time.

Option 1: if small qty or sample order, international air express (DHL, FedEX, UPS) can be chosen.

Option 2: goods volume is within 1CBM, if time is not urgent, shipping agent by sea is a good choice, but if time is very urgent, our shipping agent can do the air shipping to client local air port.

Option 3: full loading, good to be shipped by sea, but clients have to pay attention to their stock and ordering in advance. Sea shipping takes 30days around.

Option 1: custom package can be designed freely if there is no extra mould fees and meet goods moq.

Option 2: if there is a new mould fee , client may pay this extra cost to set up but it depends on the final quantity. Is it simple or not ? Those part can be discussed according to client request.

Option 3: Hot selling product like emergency blanket&sleeping bag, are always in stock. If just printing a paper insert with client logo, free of charge.

Option 4: Client don’t have any ideas and hope package is with a different language designing. We can provide our own template freely with clients brand logo.

Different countries have different requirements for customs clearance document.

Most of countries only need the bill of lading, packing list, and invoice.

TIPS: Here are some countries that require additional documents:

MalaysiaCertificate of Origin: FE(original)
Republic of KoreaCertificate of Origin: FTA(scan copy)
RussiaPackaging Declaration& Certificate of Origin
IndonesiaCertificate of Origin: FE

Certificate of Origin: FTA

Packing Declaration (Scan copy)

SwitzerlandCertificate of Origin: FTA (Original)
ChileCertificate of Origin: FTA (original)
A: 100,000 pcs. For container shipping, please contact us to calculate the specific quantity.

A: Confirm the working enviroment of shoe cover, the advice is as below but always follow clients’ request:

Household cleaning: PE or CPE material is OK, Weight: 2.5g/pc

Factory cleaning workshop: CPE(3.5-4.5g/pc), SBPP(25-40gsm), CPE+PP

Daily protection in hospitals and beauty salons: CPE(3.0-4.5g/pc), SBPP, CPE+PP, SMS

Special protection against infectious diseases: SF, SMS(50-60gsm)

Slaughterhouses, food processing plants: PVC, PP+PE,With waterproof function or as requested

Yes, each tourniquet has a separate package and contains instructions for use

Yes, the instruction is included in the tourniquet. In addition, the operating instructions are also mentioned in the user guide

Yes, the instruction is included in the tourniquet. In addition, the operating instructions are also mentioned in the user guide

A: Round cap, Bouffant cap, Hair net : 200,000 pcs, Doctor cap, Astronaut cap: 100,000pcs.

A Hi Sir, welcome any third part for goods inspection. Wellmien is always keen on the quality.

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