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N95 Activated Carbon Mask with Valve

Layer: 5ply for N95 Activated Carbon Mask

Shape: Cone

Style: with valve

Certification: ISO13485

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N95 Activated Carbon Anti-Pollution Filter Mask With Valve

Headloop (Flap Loop without Latex)
Sponge nose lining
Nose strip
Double aluminum wire with plastic coated

Nose bar adaptable, hypoallergenic

Outer Layer: PP spunbond

Second Layer: Activated carbon

Filter Layer: PP melt brown high filtration layer

PP needle-punched nonwoven

Inner Layer: PP needle-punched nonwoven

Construction, mining, textile


Mask Size
13.5x12cm ± 0.3cm
Height of Cup
The length for the upper earloop
32 x 0.5cm ± 0.5cm
The length for the lower earloop
30 x 0.5 cm ± 0.5cm
Size of the sponge nose lining
9 x 2.5 x 0.2cm ± 0.3cm
Size of Nose strip
9 x 1cm ± 0.3cm


Inner package


Outer Package


Carton Size






N95 Mask 15 300 67X29X39.5 7.5 8.5
Remark: Or according to customer requirements

Comprehensive Guide to N95 Masks: Features, Benefits, and Applications

N95 masks have become a vital component of personal protective equipment, especially in industries where air quality is a concern. Understanding their features and applications can help you make informed decisions about your safety and health.

Key Features of N95 Masks

Meeting NIOSH Standards N95 masks meet the rigorous quality criteria set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This ensures they provide reliable protection against airborne particles.

Multi-Layered, Non-Toxic Materials Constructed from multi-layered, non-toxic, non-allergic, and non-irritating materials, N95 masks offer both safety and comfort. The materials are chosen to minimize allergic reactions and irritation, making them suitable for prolonged use.

Adjustable Fit for Various Face Shapes The masks feature an adjustable bandage strip and a built-in foam cushion. These elements allow the mask to conform comfortably to different face shapes, ensuring a secure and comfortable seal. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining protection during extended use.

High-Efficiency Electrostatic Filtering N95 masks are equipped with high-efficiency electrostatic filtering materials. These materials are designed to effectively filter out solid particle dust and prevent the inhalation of oil and liquid gases. This feature makes N95 masks highly effective in a variety of hazardous environments.

Applications of N95 Masks

Construction and Mining In industries like construction and mining, workers are frequently exposed to dust and particulate matter. N95 masks provide essential protection, filtering out harmful particles and ensuring workers can breathe safely.

Textile and Grinding Medicine Workers in textile manufacturing and pharmaceutical grinding processes are often exposed to fine particles. N95 masks help protect respiratory health by filtering out these potentially harmful substances.

Disintegration Projects and Cement Work Projects that involve breaking down materials, such as demolition or cement work, release a significant amount of dust. N95 masks are crucial in these environments to prevent inhalation of dust and other airborne particles.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry In agricultural settings and animal husbandry, dust and pollutants are common. N95 masks help safeguard the respiratory health of workers by filtering out dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.

Heavy Metal Pollution In environments with heavy metal pollution, N95 masks offer protection against inhaling toxic particles. This is particularly important in industries dealing with metal cutting and other processes that generate fine metal dust.


N95 masks are essential for ensuring safety in various industrial and environmental settings. By meeting NIOSH standards, utilizing multi-layered and non-toxic materials, and offering adjustable, comfortable fits, they provide reliable protection against a wide range of airborne hazards. Whether you are in construction, mining, agriculture, or any other field with exposure to harmful particles, investing in high-quality N95 masks is crucial for maintaining your health and safety.