Medical Consumables

Medical Consumables

This video show how Wellmien mass produce the face masks.

01Raw materials

  • Materials Storage

  • Receive Materials

02Mask production

  • Pleating

  • Welding Slice

  • Ear Band Welding

  • Inner Bag

03Mask Packaging

  • Inner Bag Coding

  • Box Coding

  • Package


  • Product Inspection

Wound Care

Wound Care

Wound care products including silicone dressings and

hydrocolloid dressings and silver dressings. It can assist

wound heal and speed up the wound healing process.

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Dental Supplies

Dental Supplies

Dental supplies are consumables or disposable products for

the daily operations of dental clinics and dental clinics. 

Including: dental bibs, cleaning brushes, dental floss and other products

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Testing Consumables

Testing Consumables

Test consumables are materials used as part of the test procedure

to ensure that the consumables used in the test are reliable and accurate, 

Including: blood collection needles, slides, blood collection tubes, etc.

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