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Brief Introduction To Underpads

What is an underpad?

The underpad is not a diaper, but a disposable sanitary product made of PE film, non-woven fabric, (fluff pulp, polymer) and other materials, mainly used for hospital surgery, gynecological examination, maternity care, child care, paralyzed patients incontinence, and women during menstruation. 

During urology and obstetrics and gynecology procedures, blood, body fluids and irrigation fluids often contaminate the patient's body, and the patient's skin is kept in a moist environment for a long time, increasing the chance of discomfort and infection.

At present, ordinary cotton sheets or simple non-woven pads are commonly used in clinical practice. The disadvantage of cotton is that it has limited water absorption and blood absorption, and it is very easy to contaminate the operating bed. Moreover, repeated use increases the workload of nurses and increases the risk of infection. Although the non-woven pads sold on the market can be used for one-time use, they have less water absorption and poor air permeability, which still cannot avoid the dampness of the patient's skin.

Disposable medical underpads are indispensable medical supplies in hospitals. They are very useful, clean and hygienic. They can avoid virus infection for surgery and medical examination use to prevent cross infection.

Product features of disposable underpads

1. Antibacterial and sterilization, effectively prevent virus infection, skin allergy and other symptoms;

2. Clean and hygienic, can effectively absorb odor;

3. The use method is simple, convenient and quick;

4. Disinfection products.

Composition of disposable underpads

The surface layer of the disposable medical underpads is made of breathable and absorbent soft woven fabric, which keeps it comfortable and dry at all times. Imported wood pulp and polymer absorbent resin, and the leakage-proof layer adopt PE cast waterproof membrane.

The usage of disposable underpads

The disposable medical underpads are easy to use. The underpad is unfolded and laid flat on the bed, which can be in direct contact with the skin. Please throw it away after use, and replace the underpad with a new one in time.

Names of underpads

Underpads are called by different names depending on the purpose.

Underpads for infants and young children are called diaper pads.

Underpads used for maternity care are called puerperium pads, maternity pads.

Underpads  for women's menstrual use are called menstrual underpads

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