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Can I Wear A Mask To Sleep?

Masks can be worn while sleeping, but this is not recommended.


Common use for masks

Masks are mainly used for personal protection, preventing some bacteria or viruses from being transmitted to us through droplets, or infecting others when we are sick. Although it can filter impurities in the air, it also increases resistance to breathing, resulting in poor breathing.


Why recommend not to wear a mask when sleeping

When we sleep in a relatively closed and safe space, wearing a mask at this time will cause some discomfort. Not only will it affect our sleep quality, but it is also prone to suffocation, poor breathing, and even difficulty breathing, so it is not recommended to wear a mask while sleeping.


Situations which we recommend not to wear masks

If you wear a mask to sleep when you have a cold, it will not only aggravate the symptoms, be prone to severe hypoxia, and even cause apnea. At this time, we should actively treat the cold, and if we are worried about infecting others, we can sleep in a separate room by ourselves. In addition, people who are obese and suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases cannot sleep with masks, which will greatly increase the risk and even affect the health of life.


Masks can effectively prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. During the protection of the new crown epidemic, we should wear masks in public places to avoid the spread of bacteria or viruses to us through droplets. At the same time, don't go to crowded places and avoid some large gatherings. Social distancing as much as possible and good personal hygiene are responsible for yourself as well as for others.


About Wellmien

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