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How To Clean KN95 Masks

First of all, it is very important that KN95 masks cannot be washed. Regardless of whether it is poison or dustproof, any filter element should not be cleaned, otherwise it will destroy the filter element. For example, washing with soapy water or spraying alcohol will damage the protective structure of the mask itself, causing the mask to lose its own protective effect.

If masks are currently in short supply and you want to disinfect KN95 masks, you can use the following methods.

Dry heat disinfection method.

Put the used KN95 mask in the oven and bake at 70 degrees for 30 minutes.

Ultraviolet disinfection method.

Experiments have shown that exposure to strong light for 30 minutes can eliminate bacteria and viruses on the KN95 mask, and the mask still meets the KN95 standard. This is also the most commonly used method.

Disinfection cabinet disinfection method.

Viruses are inactivated by ozone in a sterilizer.

If the mask is not in short supply, it is recommended to wear it for 6 consecutive hours before replacing it. Once the mask is damaged, deformed, or contaminated, it must be replaced. Otherwise, it is very likely that the effectiveness of the protection will be greatly reduced, and some cross-infection may occur.

In addition, steamer cooking and pressure cooker cooking as mentioned by netizens are not recommended, because this will damage the internal structure of the mask and even deform it. Alcohol disinfection is also not recommended, because alcohol disinfection will destroy the electrostatic adsorption structure of the mask, causing the mask to no longer meet the standard.

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