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How To Fold A Surgical Gown

What is a surgical gown?

Surgical gowns are personal protective equipment used by many people in health care. Surgical gowns are used by surgeons and the surgical team for all types of procedures. Modern surgical gowns provide a breathable, protective barrier for the surgeons and all health care providers.


Surgical gowns provide a barrier protection to prevent blood strikethrough and fluid contamination. Most surgical gowns are sterile and come in a wide variety of sizes and versions. Surgical gowns can be purchased alone or within surgical packs. There are many surgical packs for frequently performed procedures.


Surgical gowns are produced non-reinforced or reinforced. Non-reinforced surgical gowns are less durable and designed for surgical procedures with low to moderate fluid contact. Reinforced surgical gowns have reinforced protection in specific critical areas for more invasive and intense surgical procedures.


Surgical gowns cover and provide a barrier for important areas from the shoulders to the knees and wrists. Surgical gowns are usually made with Set-In sleeves or Raglan Sleeves. Surgical gowns come with and without a towel.


Most surgical gowns are made from a fabric called SMS. SMS stands for Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond. SMS is a lightweight and comfortable non-woven fabric that provides a protective barrier.


Disposable surgical gowns have different folding methods, resulting in very different effects. The folding method is scientific and reasonable, and it is very convenient for medical staff to use. They can complete the whole process of opening and wearing in a short time, which can win very precious time for the operation. This is of great significance in emergency surgery.

On the contrary, if the surgical gown is folded improperly and is troublesome to wear, the operation time directly linked to life may be wasted in vain. Moreover, these small behaviors in the pre-surgery period are also very important to the psychological state of the surgeon, and compliance and dissatisfaction are likely to bring two diametrically opposed results.


The standard folding method of surgical gown, also called "book folding method", the specific folding steps are as follows:


①Unfold the placket of the surgical gown upwards and open it flat, and fold the plackets of both sides outwards once;

② Flip the surgical gown up and down so that the placket is facing down, fold the two sleeves inward, lay them flat, and tie a label on the waistband;

③From bottom to top, three times to align and stack up;

④Fold up evenly from both sides to the middle;

⑤Align to the center line, align the two sides and stack;

⑥Attach the label to complete the folding process.


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