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How To Make Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are mostly disposable items. With the development of technology, more and more shoe covers tend to be produced with automated equipment. Shoe covers are widely used in hospitals, clinics, home life, agricultural breeding, outdoor activities and other fields, so they have a large market demand; according to the material of shoe covers, they can be divided into non-woven shoe covers and plastic shoe covers.


Use of shoe covers:

Non-woven shoe covers, the most new type of environmentally friendly material, non-woven shoe covers are favored by customers, non-woven shoe covers themselves have anti-static function, non-woven printed shoe covers, but also non-slip, strong practicability , Beautiful and generous, the company logo can be printed to achieve a good publicity effect.

Plastic shoe covers have a simple manufacturing process and are in great demand. They are mostly used in food processing or general protection environments.


Features of shoe covers:

The most important feature of disposable shoe covers is that they are easy to use, and have a wide range of applications, different materials, and corresponding functions. They can be anti-skid, anti-static and dust-proof. Moreover, the price is much cheaper than non-disposable shoe covers, and the handling is also convenient, especially non-woven shoe covers, which are naturally degradable.


5 Benefits of wearing shoe covers

Wondering if your workplace should initiate the use of shoe covers? Consider these five reasons why your organization may benefit:

ü Reduces the spread of contamination. Disposable shoe covers can be simply thrown away after leaving a work environment. This drastically reduces the risk of cross-contamination and prevents employees from tracking potentially harmful material to other areas of the building or even into the community.

ü Helps maintain a cleaner room and environment. Shoe covers prevent tracking of substances around the building or workspace, which could otherwise damage flooring, pose as a fall hazard, or impair the sterility and cleanliness of the rooms. Even the spread of ordinary dirt and grime can be prevented by contractors such as electricians and plumbers when walking in and out of a customer's home with the help of disposable shoe covers.

ü Helps keep shoes clean. Many jobs require activities which may expose employees to materials which can stain or damage footwear. Since shoe covers provide a physical barrier between these materials, individual footwear remains cleaner…and more professional looking to boot (no pun intended).

ü Improves efficiency. Employees wearing shoe covers are less likely to require time away from their required job duties in order to clean or change soiled footwear.

ü Improves customer satisfaction. Customers—whether in medical facilities, office buildings, or private homes—appreciate the attention to detail and level of care and professionalism shown by personnel who choose to use shoe covers. Many customers have specific personal, health, or religious reasons against the presence of shoes in the home, and shoe covers offer a reasonable alternative when it's not safe or appropriate for personnel to remove their footwear. Additionally, customers will appreciate the improved cleanliness which shoe covers provide, and likely feel more comfortable and safe in the given environment.


Shoe cover making

Since the shoe covers have so many benefits, do you know how they are made? Please check the below video, which is the shoe cover making by our machine, you may have a general understanding of making process.


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