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How to Treat Bandage Allergy

1. First of all, you need to consider whether the medical tape is allergic, uncomfortable or what kind of situation is caused by skin irritation. It is considered that allergic dermatitis is related to environmental climate change, diet, immunity and poor body resistance. Pay attention to your diet and eat less spicy, seafood, beef and mutton.

2. Advise the patient to stop using the tape or medicine, let alone taking medicine without authorization. In general, if it is stopped in time, it will be fine after a period of time, and no treatment is required.

3. According to the specific conditions of skin allergies, use drugs in a targeted manner. If the local skin is edema or ulcerated, it should be carefully debridement to remove the glue residue of the adhesive tape to protect the wound surface and prevent bacterial infection.

4. Be careful with the allergic parts of the tape. Cold and wet compresses are a universal and effective way to deal with allergies. In addition, you can apply some traditional Chinese medicine anti-allergic drugs: for example, Wuji cream, calamine liniment, etc.

5. Do not stick the tape for too long.

6. Do not stick to the erythema.

7. Use a bandage to prevent the tape from touching the skin.

8. Severe cases should seek medical attention immediately.

How to remove allergy marks from medical tape on the body

1. First smear medical paraffin oil on the nose tip of the residual tape traces, and then gently wipe off the tape traces with a dry cotton ball or dry gauze. The advantages: easy to obtain materials, low cost, easy to operate, practical, and also to ensure patient safety, ideal for wiping off tape marks on the skin.

2. Use nail polish remover. The usage is the same as alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish remover does not require quality, good or average, as long as it can wash off the nail polish.

3. Use hand cream. Squeeze some hand cream on it, rub it with your thumb slowly, and rub for a while to remove all the sticky glue. Hand creams are oils and fats whose properties are incompatible with glues. It is using this feature for glue removal.

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