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How To Use Face Shield

Face shields are usually made of twisted clear plastic, and the face shields are splash-proof, fog-reducing, and eye-strain reduction. The plastic from which the face shield is made must have a high light transmittance, low haze, anti-glare coating to reduce eye fatigue, and have liquid splash protection. The face shield mainly provides additional protection, although the protective mask can protect the wearer from a large amount of Injuries from splashes or drops to the eyes, but usually do not fully cover the sides of the face or under the chin, airborne particles can enter the nose, mouth, and face through the underside of the protective mask. For optimal safety, co-workers are still required to wear disposable masks.

It is recommended to wear a disposable face shield once, but a non-disposable face shield can be used repeatedly as long as it is not deformed, damaged or cracked. If your mask is damaged, don't try to fix it, replace it immediately.

Outside of healthcare facilities, face shields are not recommended for daily activities.

Procedure for wearing a protective mask: (clean hands before wearing a protective mask)

1. Bend forward slightly and grasp the straps of the mask with both hands. Do not touch the front of the face.

2. Spread the elastic with your thumb and place the elastic behind your head so that the foam rests on your forehead.

3. After wearing the shield, check to make sure it covers the front and sides of your face and that no areas are left uncovered. The foam should be about 3 cm above the eyebrows and the bottom of the shield under the chin.

4. The protective mask should be worn all the time, and the protective device cannot be pushed to the "up" position to expose the face. If the mask is not in place, tighten it by fitting the elastic on the sides of the mask.

5. The face shield can be worn at all times as long as it retains its shape and integrity, and with proper wearing and cleaning steps.

6. Take to avoid cross contamination

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