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How to Wear Surgical Mask?

Wearing a mask is simple, yet some people still make huge mistakes when wearing theirs’. It is usually because of a lack of knowledge that they don’t wear it correctly or don’t follow all the right steps they must take after wearing a mask. So, here you will learn everything you must know about correctly wearing your surgical mask.

Why is wearing your surgical mask correctly important?

The purpose of wearing your surgical mask correctly is to prevent the spreading of any germs between you and your environment, and this purpose is effective both ways. So, when you make a mistake wearing a mask, you can contaminate it.

Similarly, if you do not position it correctly, the bad air passage will make it technically useless since you are getting most of the air from the sides instead of through the mask. So, all the airborne particles, including germs and dust, can get inside your breathing system.

A step-by-step guide to wearing a surgical mask.

With it being so important to wear your surgical mask correctly, you can follow our step-by-step guide to learn everything you must do when wearing your mask.

1. Making your hands germ free

The first step to wearing your surgical mask is cleaning your hands. You need to ensure that the hands that touch the mask are free from germs because you have also kept the mask germ-free. The 2 most effective solutions to try for doing it are using soap and washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer to make your hands germ free.

Don’t touch anything that might be contaminated after you wash your hands.

2. Correctly picking up the mask.

Next, you need to pick up the mask. The mask usually comes inside a pack; you can open it to access your face mask. Now you don’t have to hold the mask in the fabric section. Instead, grab the loops over your ears with a finger and a thumb on each side.

It ensures that the fabric over your face stays safe from any contaminants that still might be on your hands. As you pick up the mask, you must wear it immediately.

3. Pinching the metal strip

Initially, the mask will not sit perfectly on your face, and it may need a little adjustment on the face for a good fitting. So, you will start by pinching the metal strip.

You need to pinch it so it does not stay lost on the nose. Similarly, it must not be very tight on the nose, which can irritate you. The key here is to pinch it enough around the nose for a good fit.

4. Adjusting the chin region

Once the mast sits flush on your nose, you can pull the chin region down. As you do that, the flaps of your mask will extend a bit in the middle giving the mask its shape. Get the chin region as low as comfortably possible so that the sides of the mask also make a snug fit with your cheeks.

It ensures less air leakage through the sides of your mask, and you only breathe through it. That’s how the mask will protect you.

5. Ensuring a snug fitting

If you still don’t feel a snug fitting of the mask on your face, you can check if the strip over the nose needs any adjustments. Otherwise, for individuals with a small or slim face, tightening the loops on the back of your ears may become necessary. You can do that by tying knots on both sides, giving you the perfect fit. If you must do that, ensure to do that before putting the mask on in future

Important tips to follow while wearing a mask

Even knowing the steps will not be enough since there is much more to learn. If you wear a surgical mask, follow these tips to make your mask more effective.

1. Never touch it while wearing it.

Even when people are very careful while wearing their masks, they often make the mistake of touching the mask while wearing it. It is neither safe to do that on the inside of the mask nor the outside. It is because you must have dried your hands with something after washing them.

So, there is a small chance of germs on your hand, which you don’t want to get on the mask. Additionally, you must never touch when the mask is on your face since that increases the chances of getting germs on your face even more.

2. Do not adjust repetitively.

Masks can sometimes irritate, but that is usually because of the wrong adjustment. So, you need to be very careful about adjusting your mask for the first time and try to get fit perfectly. Once the mask fits your face perfectly, stop touching and adjusting it.

Even if you feel itching, you must avoid it to prevent contaminating the mask. There may not be many issues while adjusting the loops on the back of your ears but touching the mask's fabric is not a good idea.

3. Make your hands germ free whenever you adjust the mask.

If you ever must adjust the mask after wearing it for a long time, you will get lots of bacteria and viruses on your hands. So, clean them immediately; otherwise, your hands will unintentionally spread them to anything you touch. Just like you must wash your hands before putting the mask on, it is equally important to make them germ-free after you have touched it on your face.

4. Once a mask gets off your face, dispose of it.

No matter how long or short you have been wearing a mask, once it gets off your face, it is wasted, and you must dispose of it. It is critical because when we remove a mask, we can touch the inside of it. Similarly, we may place it on a table from where it can get even more germs. Overall, it will spread the terms, so throwing it inside the bin as quickly as possible is better.

5. Remove your mask in the same way you wore it.

You must remove it the same way you wore it for the best safety and prevention from spreading diseases. When wearing the mask, you grab it from the loops and put it on. Now you must grab the loops and pull the mask off your face.

In that way, you don’t touch the contaminated area of the mask; hence your hands stay clean and germ-free. However, washing them after removing the mask is still a good idea.

Top benefits of wearing surgical mask correctly

Wearing a surgical mask correctly brings lots of benefits. The top 5 among those included.

1. Prevention of germ transmission

Transmitting germs is possible even when you are wearing a mask. When you don’t wear the mask correctly, air may flow more from the sides than through the mask. It means most of the air you breathe is not coming from the mask but directly from the environment. However, the same does not happen when wearing the mask correctly.

2. Protection from pollen, dust, and other allergens

Wearing a surgical mask is key to protection from dust and other allergens. There are some seasons when your allergies are triggered, which can also happen while cleaning the place. So, wearing a surgical mask can protect your respiratory system from allergens.

3. Improved hygiene

Wearing a mask promotes better hygiene in individuals. When you consistently wear a mask, you clean your face and hands and prevent them from touching different objects. Overall, you will be more concerned about things that can contaminate you with germs, which will be good for your health.

4. Health regulation compliance

Visiting a healthcare center or a hospital means you will be in a place with the most dangerous germs. So, even if wearing a surgical mask is unnecessary, you can wear it, and you will be safe from infectious germs from most patients.

Remember that hundreds of patients also use equipment and furniture at such places, so your mask will protect your respiratory system and your face from lots of germs.

5. Protection from air pollution

Wearing a surgical mask can be good for locations where you know that there is a lot of air pollution. Things like smog can create health issues, but wearing a surgical mask at such times can protect you. Similarly, air with excessive smoke due to industry or traffic can also be dangerous, whereas a surgical mask can protect you.

A surgical mask is a utility that can bring numerous benefits your way, but to get all the benefits, you must wear it correctly.

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