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Optimal Antimicrobial Iodine Surgical Incise Drapes

Certificate: CE, FDA, and ISO13485 for Surgical Incise Drapes

Material: Polyurethane (PU) Film

Antimicrobial Agent: Iodine or other antimicrobial compounds

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Top Surgical Incise Drapes for Enhanced Infection Control

Parameter Description
Material Polyurethane (PU) Film
Antimicrobial Agent Iodine or other antimicrobial compounds
Transparency High transparency for easy observation of the surgical site
Adhesiveness Strong adhesive properties to ensure secure attachment to the skin
Breathability Permeable to gases and moisture, reducing the risk of skin maceration
Sterility Sterile and ready-to-use, typically supplied in individual packaging
Elasticity Flexible and conformable to various body contours
Thickness Thin film to ensure patient comfort and flexibility during surgical procedures
Sizes Available Multiple sizes available to fit different surgical sites and needs
Usage Designed for use in surgical procedures to cover and protect the incision area
Antimicrobial Duration Sustained release of antimicrobial agent to provide long-lasting protection
Application Applied to clean, dry skin in the surgical area before incision
Removal Easy to remove without leaving residue or causing damage to the skin
Shelf Life Typically 3-5 years, depending on the manufacturer
Regulatory Compliance Complies with relevant medical device regulations and standards


Breathable: Allows for moisture vapor transmission, reducing the risk of surgical site infections.
Waterproof: Prevents liquid strikethrough, keeping the surgical site clean and dry.
Adhesive: Gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes skin irritation and trauma.
Flexible: Conforms to the body, allowing for ease of movement and positioning.
Transparent: Provides clear visibility of the surgical site.

Sterile: Sterilized by autoclave, ethylene oxide, or radiation sterilization.


1. Reduced risk of surgical site infections
2. Minimized skin irritation and trauma
3. Easy to use and position
4. Clear visibility of the surgical site
5. Flexible and conformable
6. Sterile and reliable

Usage Scenarios:

1. Surgical procedures: General surgery, orthopedic, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, and other procedures.
2. Wound care: Covering and protecting wounds, burns, and ulcers.
3. Cast and splint applications: Preventing moisture buildup and skin irritation.
4. Medical device fixation: Securing medical devices, such as sensors and electrodes.
5. Emergency medical services: As a temporary dressing for wounds and injuries.