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What Is A Band-Aid?

Definition of band-aid

Band-Aid is a long tape with gauze soaked in medicine in the middle, which is used to stick to the wound to protect the wound, temporarily stop bleeding, resist bacterial regeneration, and prevent the wound from being damaged again. It is the most commonly used emergency medical supplies in hospitals, clinics and families. Band-Aids, commonly known as sterilization elastic band-aids, are the most commonly used emergency medical supplies in people's lives. Band-Aids are mainly composed of plain cloth tape and absorbent pads. With hemostasis, protective effect. According to different needs, there are various shapes of Band-Aids for patients to use.


Types of band-aid

According to the 2019 Medical Device Classification Catalogue of the State Drug Administration, Band-Aids are divided into:

①The sterile, one-time-use band-aids belong to the management category of Class II medical devices, and are used for the care of superficial wounds such as small wounds, abrasions, and cuts.

②The non-sterile, disposable band-aids belong to the management category of Class I medical devices, and are used for first aid and temporary dressing of small wounds, abrasions, cuts and other superficial wounds.


Materials of band-aid

Both usually consist of a sheet or roll-shaped wound dressing consisting of an gummed substrate, an absorbent pad, an anti-adhesion layer, and a peelable protective layer. The absorbent pads are generally made of materials that can absorb exudates. The contained ingredients do not have pharmacological effects. The ingredients contained are not absorbed by the human body.


Use of band-aid

Commonly used for hemostasis, anti-inflammatory or healing of acute small wounds. It is especially suitable for cuts, scratches or stab wounds with neat, clean, superficial, small incisions and no need for sutures. It is convenient to carry and easy to use. It is a necessary medical and health material for family, hospital and clinic first aid.


Pros and cons of band-aids:

①Advantages: Band-Aid can compress and stop bleeding, protect wound surface, prevent infection, and promote healing. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, simple use, convenient carrying and reliable efficacy.

②Disadvantages: The adhesive tape used in the traditional Band-Aid has poor air permeability, and the water vapor and sweat normally secreted by the human body cannot penetrate this layer of tape, so it has a soaking effect on the local skin, which is manifested as local skin folds.


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