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What Is A CPR Mask

CPR masks are also known as pocket masks. They are used to safely administer artificial respiration to people in respiratory distress or cardiac arrest. Unused face coverings can be stored in a bag or envelope. These can also be kept in a first aid kit, and many people also carry them in a purse or handbag. CPR masks ensure the safety of both parties by installing a one-way filter valve. The one-way filter valve prevents any mucus, blood, vomit, etc. from returning to the resuscitator's mouth when the breather is breathing into the patient's mouth.


A CPR mask is used during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in an emergency to supply oxygen and create blood flow in the heart and lungs. CPR masks are used to ensure that infectious diseases, bacteria, blood and other bodily fluids are not transferred from the resuscitator to the patient and vice versa. There are many different types of face shields on the market today, and when CPR must be used, they provide rescuers and those trained and certified to perform CPR with several safe and effective options.


Some masks have a built-in oxygen intake tube. This suction tube allows oxygen to be extracted from the atmosphere and delivered to the patient. Using a built-in oxygen inhalation tube can be very helpful, as it relieves some of the stress on the person who is on artificial respiration during CPR. In stressful situations, extensive physical effort is required during CPR, which may affect the effectiveness of rescue.


CPR shields are also widely used in CPR, artificial respiration training courses. This mask is a very low-cost, effective protective barrier for those practicing CPR techniques. It is necessary to use some type of shield during training because multiple students will be sharing and practicing resuscitation on a mannequin, increasing the risk of spreading germs and infectious diseases.

To protect others is to protect yourself.


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