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What Is a Gauze Swab?


Gauze Swabs are gauze rolls or gauze balls made of gauze.

Main Specifications:

1. The gauze should be soft, odorless, tasteless and free of impurities;

2. The sinking time does not exceed 10s;

3. The total amount of soluble matter in ether is not more than 0.5%;

4. The height of the surface active substance foam should not exceed 2mm;

5. The total amount of soluble matter in water is not more than 0.5%;

6. Microbiological indicators:

1) Sterilized products should be sterile;

2) The initial contamination bacteria of unsterilized products are less than or equal to 100cfu/g, and no pathogenic bacteria can be detected.


The product is mainly used for absorbing body exudate and disinfection during small and deep surgical procedures, and can also be used to clean the skin, mucous membranes or wounds.

Matters needing attention:

1. Check whether the packaging is in good condition before use, and confirm the outer packaging mark, production date, and validity period, and prohibit repeated use.

2. This product is a one-time-use item and cannot be reused.

3. After the product is used, it should be disposed of according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department.

4. It should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment.

5. Keep away from fire and flammable materials

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