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What Is Face Shield

Face Shield is a face shield made of PET material and equipped with elastic and sponge headbands to protect the wearer's part or entire face and eyes from danger, protect the entire face from spray, splash, water droplets, dust, Soot, etc. damage. The protective face shield has 99% light transmittance, features an anti-fog coating and an overall shield design for maximum visibility. The mask can be easily cleaned and can be reused many times.

The protective masks can be divided into adult models and children models. The elastic band and sponge on the head can be customized with LOGO according to customer requirements, and different styles can also be customized according to customer requirements.


Are face shields effective?

A 2014 study showed that when tested against an influenza-infused aerosol from a distance of 18 inches away, a face shield reduced exposure by 96% during the period immediately after a cough. The face shield also reduced the surface contamination of a respirator by 97%.


Workplace Hazards Requiring Face Shields

Common workplace hazards that require the use of a face shield include:

l Flying debris, such as dust created by chain saws

l Splash hazards, such as chemical splashes

l Extreme heat, as is encountered in welding and furnace maintenance

l Arc hazards, which are potentially encountered by electrical workers

l High-velocity impact hazards, which are often created when equipment malfunctions and causes a piece of the equipment to go flying at high velocity


Face Shields and COVID-19

In the context of biological protection and COVID-19 protection in particular, face shields are commonly used in hospitals and other settings that expose workers to a high enough risk of exposure that the use of a respirator (e.g., an N95 mask) by itself does not offer sufficient protection against the contagion.

In these settings, the primary goal of the face shield is to prevent the virus from settling on the skin or potentially entering the body through the eyes.

Face shields by themselves do not offer sufficient protection against COVID-19 and are generally worn over a facemask. They may also be worn over goggles.

The use of a face shield is also recommended in situations in which workers cannot maintain an adequate separation from other persons. For example, customs agents and other high-contact transportation workers often use face shields as a means of biohazard protection.


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