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Why Do You Need Surgical Cap

Medical caps are medical supplies used in clinical health care in the medical system, and are used for general isolation in outpatient clinics, wards, and laboratories of medical institutions.


What is disposable medical cap made of?

The disposable medical cap is made of polypropylene and adopts automatic production and packaging, which can effectively reduce the space occupied by the medical cap, and at the same time, it can be more convenient to take and use. Wearing a doctor's cap can store sweat and prevent hair from falling out, and prevent contamination of patients' wounds or surgical equipment.


Color of surgical cap

Traditional disposable surgical caps are mostly light blue, dark blue, green, purple, etc. Some hospitals use the color of the surgical cap to distinguish the management of different personnel. In this way, the colors are bright and eye-catching, and the identification of the identity is clear at a glance. There are also some printed surgical caps with various patterns, which are called the most adorable surgical caps. These surgical caps can add a warm tone to the cold operating room, shorten the distance between the doctor and the patient, and make the patient feel relieved and relaxed. Reduce patients' fear of surgery.


Types of disposable medical caps

There are many types of disposable medical caps, such as strip caps, non-woven round caps, and plastic round caps. In clinical medicine, there are many occasions where disposable striped general outer caps are used, so when wearing disposable striped general outer caps, the following requirements can be done:

1. According to the length of the hair and the position of the hairline, a suitable size hat should be selected.

2. In order to prevent the hair from being scattered during the operation, the brim of the cap should have a tight bandage or elastic band

3. Hair should be sorted before putting on the cap, and all hair should be buckled inside the cap.

4. The elastic bands on both sides of the disposable medical cap need to be placed inside the ears, not on the forehead or other parts.


Is the surgical cap sterile?

Many people may think that doctors need a sterile environment when performing operations, so their caps must also be sterile, but in fact, the cap on the doctor’s head is not sterile, and its main function is similar to that of a chef’s hat. Similarly, they are all designed to prevent hair or dandruff from falling, because this is likely to bring infections to the patient’s wounds, so wearing a cap can prevent such incidents well.

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