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Woven VS Non-Woven Face Mask

Are woven masks or disposable masks better? This issue has been raised and discussed. In fact, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is the most witty to choose the type of mask based on your own needs.

As the name implies, woven masks are mainly made of cotton cloth, fiber cloth, etc., while the main fabric of disposable masks is non-woven fabric. Apart from the material, what is the difference between the performance and use of the two?



First of all, in terms of performance, woven masks are very breathable, can keep warm, waterproof and windproof, and have good elasticity and soft touch. In addition, because the woven fabric is elastic, it can be restored after stretching. This is also a lot of people. One reason for choosing cotton masks. The non-woven fabric, namely disposable mask cloth, is a non-woven fabric made of fiber layer through traditional textile machinery processing or chemical bonding. It has a good anti-bacterial filtering effect, and the middle two layers of general disposable masks It is made of activated carbon fiber activated carbon cloth, which has the functions of anti-virus, deodorization, filter bacteria and dust prevention.



The main purpose of cotton masks made of woven masks is to keep warm and cold, filter and prevent dust, and are widely used in daily life; because disposable mask cloth cannot be cleaned and reused, it is mostly used to filter bacteria and particles.


Use timeliness

Woven masks can be washed and used multiple times, non-woven masks are disposable, and the filter paper in the middle of the protective effect cannot be washed with water, and the filtering effect will be lost.


Use place

When going out and cycling daily, woven masks can block the wind and keep warm, and are breathable and comfortable; non-woven masks are relatively thin and do not keep warm, and are suitable for wearing in hospitals, factories and other places.


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