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2 containers Disposable Bed Pillow Shipping

03. March 2023    Sunny

Today, Wellmien Healthcare shipped two containers of disposable pillows from its factory, which will be transported to the United States. These disposable bed pillows were produced according to the requirements of the American market.

The two containers together carried 30,000 disposable pillows, weighing about 17 tons. These disposable pillows are filled with high-quality fibers and covered with comfortable fabric, making them ideal for use in hospitals, travel, and hotels. The price is also very affordable, and it is expected to be welcomed by the American market.

disposable pillow container(1).jpg

Before loading the containers, We arranged for staff to be on-site to arrange the container loading based on the size of the boxes, inspect the containers for damage, and supervise the handling during the loading process, ensuring that these disposable pillows are loaded into the containers intact.

disposable bed pillow layout(1).jpg

The transportation of disposable pillows will be handled by a well-known international logistics company. The logistics company stated that they will take all necessary measures to ensure that these pillows can be safely and timely transported to their destination, and comply with all relevant international transportation standards and regulations.

The transportation of these two containers of disposable pillows represents trade cooperation and exchanges between China and the United States, as well as reflects the efforts of China's manufacturing industry to continuously improve product quality and service levels.

disposable travel pillow(1).jpg