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A Guide On Who Should Use Surgical Mask

In today's world coronavirus has caused a great fear living the world terrified. Hence, to keep us from infection, face mask is very essential. However, there is a great shortage of these mask as the demand rises daily therefore, the use of the mask is to be done judiciously.


Therefore, I will give few tips below not only on the judicious use of the mask but how to disinfect, reuse and discard this commodity.


It is important to note that only face mask is essential in protecting oneself, however, it is also essential to use it appropriately. Hand hygiene like washing of hands with soap and water for at 20 seconds sterilizing with alcohol can not be over emphasized.


Don’t forget to disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Avoid touching eyes, face, nose and mouth as much as possible. Kindly dispose tissues which have been used instsntly, into the wastebin. In addition, sterilizing surfaces with alcohol often should be done.


Kindly wear your mask tightly around your face so as to cover your nose and mouth firmly, and not leave it loosely around your neck. This is to ensure that, the reason for wearing the mask is achieved. Avoid touching the foremost side of the mask since, it is the contaminated side.


The most usually used mask are N95 respirator, 3 layered surgical masks and cloth masks. I will talk about them one after the other.


As much as the use of surgical mask is important, getting a quality mask is also important as it concerns the safety of the individual. Therefore, sourcing a reliable manufacturer is essential. Purchase this mask from manufacturers who are certified in order to guarantee your protection.


Who should be using which face mask?

Take note that, individuals who are healthy, not looking after ill patient and staying at home do not need to put on a face mask.


Cloth mask 

Cloth mask is not ideal when caring for an infected patient because, it doesn't give the sufficient protection to the individual. However, it can be worn for regular use rather than going without a mask.


Yet a HEPA filter can be used with a face mask as it will increase the efficiency but cause trouble in breathing. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter means, a filter has an effectiveness of at least 99.97% taking away mono-disperse particles of 0.3 micrometer in diameter.


In the public, when there is no face mask, a scarf or bandana can be used in place.


Surgical mask 

A disposable mask with loose fitting produced with polypropylene. Surgical mask can be efficient in preventing sprays possibly containing germs, splashes and particle droplets, preventing then from getting to the nose and mouth. However, it do not prevent little particles in the air as a result of sneezing or coughing from been spread.


These mask is required for individuals taking care of ill patient having symptoms of cough, respiratory infection, fever and sneezing. Also, personnels like, frontline workers and health care are meant to use this type of mask.


N95 respirator 

This kind of mask is not meant for usual use when it comes to the general public. It is manufactured with a material called polypropylene. These respirators have the ability to filter a minimum of 95% of extremely small particles which is 0.3 microns.


Their ability to trap particles are 95%, 99% and 99.9% respectively. These particles are extremely small in size ranging to 0.3 microns.


The capability of N95 FFRs is outstanding as they filter every kind of particles which includes viruses and bacteria. It is best used when done with good judgement.


Wearing of this mask should be by:

· Health care and frontline workers caring for respiratory infected patients like cold, cough as well as patients who are being examined.


· As long as you work with equipment, clinical specimen, dirty medical supplies and any one who touches environmental surfaces which are possibly contaminated.


· As long as you come in contact with, or go into rooms of patients suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.


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