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A Look At Disposable Surgical Mask And Other Types Of Face Mask

Using of mask will not prevent you from contacting the virus. Rather, it helps in preventing you from adding more germs. This alone is a big step to ensure the nation returns back to normal or near normal.


You probably are having several kinds of messages on what is safe but no worries. Haven communicated with a respiratory therapist, here are the truth of mask.


Below are the recommendation by the CDC and the medical society on the use of mask. However, always remember to engage in regular hand washing and sanitize them!


Various Types/Categories of Face Masks?

The public use of a basic, as well as a disposable surgical mask has gotten a go ahead from the WHO and CDC. Spreading of illness which is dangerous has lead to the production of face mask particularly designed to curtail the spread.

The various types and categories of face masks are as seen below:


Basic Cloth Face Mask


This type of face mask is used on a daily base. It is approved for the public during this COVID-19. With this, you are able to wear it for your daily activities like shopping, in gas stations and other public areas.

Filtering Facepiece Respirator


This face mask as well is disposable just like the disposable surgical mask. It is not used to prevent the circulation of airborne illness.


It is usually worn to protect individuals from particles such as pollen, wood dust and animal dander which can be harmful to the health of an individual.


People who have allergies are most advised to use this kind of mask in the period of this global pandemic.

Surgical Face Mask


Thin disposable material is used in the production of this type of face mask, which is usually regarded as being FDA-approved surgical mask. You will find it common among medical professionals like doctors and respiratory therapists.


In this pandemic period, medical professionals involved in the direct testing of samples for COVID-19 make use of this mask. It covers the nose, mouth, cheeks, and eyes and forehead.

N95 Respirator


N95 is not common among the public. Rather, it is found among medical first respondents and health care personnel.


You are not meant to use or purchase this kind of mask, especially if you do not have direct contact with patients. The availability of this mask is low and needs to be kept for those it's meant for.

P100 Respirator/Gas Mask


Unlike the disposable surgical mask and the N95 which are worn by medical professionals, the P100 respirator is worn by wood workers, painters and those who have physical contact with chemicals, lead or asbestos. This kind of mask cannot be used in curtailing the widespread of COVID-19 virus.


Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

In hazardous conditions were fresh and clean air is needed, firefighters were this category of mask. It as well, has no function in curtailing the widespread and transfer of COVID-19. Purchasing this mask will cause a shortage for rescue personnels who are particularly in need of it.


Full Length Face Shield


Just like the glass shield worn by welders, this is a filmsier and plastic variant of it. It usually covers the whole face from the forehead to the chin, with a band that hold the shield firm to the face.


Using this type of face shield is not the best in preventing the spread of COVID-19. It will only cause more problem as breathing will become difficult with time.


KN95 Respirator


This type of face mask have common characteristics with N95 mask. This is because the both mask are able to collect about 95% small particles that may be present in the air. But the out standing feature of N95 to KN95 is that, it has the ability of collecting larger particles as well.

Full Face Respirator


If the using surgical or cloth mask causes breathing difficulty for you, then this is just the best for you. It is a total face mask commonly used when improving your home or related projects.


Nevertheless, this kind of mask should be kept for those experiencing problems relating to the respiratory system.


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