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Disposable caps vs Reusable caps

There is always a strong argument about which is better , the disposable cap or the reusable cap? There is a strong backing and support from the medical society and hospitals on disposable caps, but a fraction of the medical association is against it, strongly arguing about its efficacy.


A reusable cap like the name implies can be worn more than once , that is, it can be reused.  They come in a variety of colours, patterns , designs such as floral, plain or whatever choice that the user prefers.


Although, various materials such as cotton, polyester and the others, it is advisable to go with the cotton material. This is due to its high breathable nature, it’s high absorption ability and body temperature regulation makes it the best candidate for the production of reusable caps. They can be said to stand a washing of 50 -70 times before it can be tossed out and discarded.


They are also argued that the eco-friendly and safer for the environment in comparison to the disposable cap as cotton is degradable with time. However, the problem with using reusable caps is that, if not washed and properly sterilized, they end up becoming the menace the is being avoided.


Bacteria, fungi and viruses may end up being present on the cap if it is not properly washed and sterilized. This may in turn lead to infection and contamination.


That being said, one should note that the highest disadvantage of using the reusable cap or any reusable Personal protective equipment (PPE) is that there is a high risk of contamination.


Now the disposable caps on the other hand are only used once and discarded. They aren’t worn more than once before they are discarded.


They come in a variety of bright colours and are quite popular not only in the medical industry but also in the food industry.


A notable feature of this cap is that it is almost a “one size fits all” and this makes it very easy to wear.


Unlike the reusable cap which is made of materials such as polyester or cotton, the disposable cap is usually made out of a non-woven material. This material helps to prevent contaminants from falling or getting into the work area.


Disposable caps are very important in the medical field and this importance cannot be over emphasized.


Another thing to note about the again is that it saves a lot of time and money. Time is saved as there is no need for laundering and sterilization as with the case of the reusable caps. It is also cost efficient and saves the hospital money. This is because it is a one time expense with no hidden or recurrent cost from sterilization.


There is also no risk of contamination as caps are sterile upon purchase and are disposed immediately after use. Unlike the reusable ones which might harbor bacteria, this can not be the case with disposable caps. They ensure and help to keep the operating room sterile and contamination free.


They come in different types such as the bar caps, non-woven caps and plastic round caps with the disposable strip caps being the most used in hospitals. Another advantage is that these caps are readily available upon need.


In summary, the pros of the disposable caps outweighs that of the reusable caps therefore making it a better alternative.


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