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Disposable Medical Aprons (Roll of 200)

Proper infection control is vital in medical situations, so it's important that medical practitioners can get the supplies they need to prevent contamination. The Disposable Medical Aprons (Roll of 200) are provided in a roll of 200 high-quality disposable medical aprons, designed for effective infection control and hygiene maintenance in medical environments.

Importance of Disposable Medical Aprons

Disposable plastic aprons form a vital component of most hospital workers’ personal protective equipment (PPE). Hospital personnel are often required to wear suitable, disposable plastic aprons because of the potential risk of exposure to a variety of hazards within the hospital environment.

In the CSSD for example, staff may be exposed to a variety of chemistry and possible pathogenic (disease causing) micro-organisms. A function of the CSSD is to reprocess and sterilize surgical packs/devices so that the packs/devices are safe to use on patients. However, the process of cleaning, decontamination, packing and sterilization will frequently result in the CSSD worker being exposed to potentially harmful organisms. The disposable plastic apron is often used in conjunction with other PPE. This would include gloves, face masks and bonnets/caps. PPE is worn in order to offer a high level of protection to the CSSD worker. Plastic aprons are also used in variety of other areas in the hospitals including theatre, isolation wards, patient wards and ICU.

Key Features of the Disposable Medical Aprons

The key features of the disposable aprons are:

· Includes 200 aprons in a roll —— ideal for dispensers

· Tough, durable design for improved tear resistance

· Larger size provides greater body coverage for better infection control

· High quality perforations makes aprons easy to separate from the roll

· Feature a thickness of APRW of 16 – 18 microns (+/-20% tolerance)

Usage of Disposable Medical Aprons

It can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, anywhere need protection. 

What’s more, it can prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.

Colour Coding System of Aprons

· Yellow——when cleaning isolation areas;

· Blue——when undertaking general cleaning, including wards and basins in public areas;

· Red——when cleaning bathrooms, washrooms, toilets, basins and bathroom floors;

· Green——when working in catering departments, ward kitchen areas and patient food service at ward level.

The Procedure of Applying An Apron

1. Perform hand hygiene.

2. Remove an apron from the roll or dispenser. Open it outwards ensuring the inner surface faces the patient to prevent any contamination on its outer surface coming into contact with the patient.

3. Place the neck loop over your head.

4. Position the apron to cover as much of the front of your body as possible.

5. Fix the apron in place by tying the waist straps behind your back.

The Procedure of Removing An Apron

1. Break the neck loop and waist straps.

2. Roll the apron downwards from your chest so the contaminated outer surface is folded inwards. Avoid touching the outer surface of the apron with your hands.

3. Dispose of the apron in a hazardous waste bin.

4. Perform hand hygiene.

Designed for Quality

Every aspect of the aprons has been designed with quality in mind. As well as having a larger size and tougher material, the apron roll also features high-quality perforations between each apron. This helps ensure that aprons can be separated easily with minimal wastage, improving value for money.

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